Friday, 29 August 2014

Trundling along

Well, after the congratulations to my mother early in the morning, my sister and I left to get her a new id-card. Which of course couldn't be done in the town she grew up in, since she is now a resident in another country. Like me. We made it in good time, got her photo taken, waited some, got called up, waited some while they checked and then we went home again. She can go and pick up on Monday, but I will be in the air again then.

When we got back the house was filled with family and we had missed the cake. However, since they were on the next course (ie drinks and nibbles) already, we weren't too bothered. During the afternoon however, we got ants in our pants and decided to leave the party once more. This time to do some shopping. Found some lovely things that we don't need of course, but that has never stopped us before. Plus, I thought ahead and brought an extra suitcase.

During the evening we finally got our cake, I showed my outfit one final time (I had done that in the morning as well) and went to bed quite late. Today we do some more shopping for lovely things that we don't need and then after that our ways will part. I will go North, my sister will go South. So, even though it is a cool and calm holiday, it is quite stuffed with things to do. 

This Saturday and Sunday my brother and his family will join our little party of four to spend the weekend at a fairy tale hotel and visit a fairy tale land/amusement park. We will celebrate birthdays, we will go on rides and just have a good time. So, see you on Sunday!


  1. Hari OM
    ...sounds like a 'fairy tale' holiday to me! YAM xx

  2. It's nice to buy nice things that you don't need and to also have a fairy tale time.

  3. Sounds like your having a wonderful time with your family and have the best weekend ever!

  4. Sounds like a great time with family.


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