Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Holiday time

The powerplant quite close to where my parents live
It was very early yesterday. Very early! The taxi arrived at 5.15am, the flight left an hour later. My connecting flight left at 8am, I arrived in the Netherlands shortly before 10am, just caught the train of 10.30am and was in my parents' car before midday. I will be staying here until next Monday when I will return home again. 

So far I have been for a walk, which was especially good since I hadn't been on a walk back home for several days which meant medication time again. I have been shopping a bit and I found a lot of music in my parents' collection that I liked. This afternoon my mother and I went to the lady who made most of my Frysian inspired outfit. I got changed right there in the living room. There are two little adjustments that need to be made, but other than that: lovely. Plenty of photos were taken. Until my batteries ran out! Grrrr. 

Chicken soup in the making
Tonight I will be dressing up once more and then tomorrow again. Probably for the whole day, since it's her birthday and a lot of family and friends are expected to make an appearance. As my mother said: can't wear that and work! All the more reason to wear it all day: no doing dishes, no serving cake, just sit and be pretty! I can do that quite well I think.  

My sister will be arriving tonight and tomorrow I will be driving her to some place as well. Something to do with id-cards I think. So, thus far it is quite an uneventful holiday. Which isn't bad at all you know. Bit of rest and recuperation and such. 


  1. Hari Om
    You can indeed sit pretty! YAM xx

  2. Sounds perfect, have a wonderful week!

  3. Enjoy your visit.

  4. You do look lovely. You could have used this for being queen! I seem to be working backwards through your posts. Good week.


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