Tuesday 12 August 2014

The girls

Quite a few of my European commenters mentioned Bertha in their comments on my Sunday post. The thing was of course: Bertha was at that time still an unknown here in Norway. We didn't have the tropical storm Bertha, we had a (ordinary) storm which they called Lena or Lene. Bertha didn't land until last night. By which time most of her power had been left behind and we merely got a lot of rain and yes, a lot of wind. Causing my apple tree and plum trees to shed the last of their fruit! Grrrr.

And when I looked it up, I found out that last year's storm (the one I wrote about here and here), was called Hilde. Another girl wreaking havoc! It's a good thing I still have a bit of a tan, otherwise you would never know it has been summer here in Norway and a proper one at that! But I guess that for now we will just have to get used to wind and more wind and rain and a lot more rain. Again. 

PS: it was last night that Bertha came to bother us and it meant a lot of rain and wind. So, I put on my new walking shoes, got my rain gear out and went out for a walk. Yes sirree, I walked my round! I didn't take my camera though, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep it dry, what with the occasional driving rain.


  1. We had a very pleasant and slightly hot weekend, but we are heading back into cool and rainy as of today.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yeah, Bertha left her mark all over Scotland and is only just running out of puff and hiss even as I type (mid arvo Tuesday) - lots of the North East under water now. So much for the 'exhausted' storm... didn't venture out as there was a risk I might collide with the Clyde... YAM xx

  3. Summer is in full swing here though we did get 6.35 mm of rain late yesterday. We need 5 time that amount but are glad for what was received. Temp dropped from high 90's (36 C) to high 70's (25 C) in about an hour. Great job on the determination to keep making your rounds.

  4. So Bertha did arrive and sorry she made the rest of your fruit fall! Glad you got out and walked....way to go!


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