Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Remembering, but not quite

I left early yesterday morning. I didn't think it was necessary, but the planners did, so I believed the planners. Now, I don't think the planners had the traffic jam calculated into the driving time, but boy was I happy it inadvertently was! I had to take the back roads to the school I was supposed to pick up and when I finally had made it to the village where it was, another road was closed. Fortunately someone told me how to drive and I made it there in time!

We arrived on time as well at the traffic park, where children can play in go-carts and skelters and whatever more to learn about traffic. Unfortunately the electricity was off due to a break somewhere and it was off in half the town! It did get back on earlier than expected though, so we all could get something to eat and drink.

The group came back nice and early though (misunderstanding somewhere, not quite sure where) and it took a lot of slow driving and still being half an hour early to decide to make a stop at the farm of one of the teachers. And even if the children weren't allowed off the bus, they thought it was really cool! And then it was back to school. Taking the back roads and passing through villages I knew of. Like the little village where we used to get off the train if we went to visit my paternal grandparents. Or the other little village where my parents used to get the sheep's cheese that was absolutely delicious.

But in the end all those villages were done with and we ended up in the village where the school was. Exactly on time! Fortunately the way back home was easier and without too much traffic. I made it in good time, even though the planners are always a bit more optimistic about the way home for some reason.

Today was another day off and then tomorrow another school trip I think.


  1. Sheep's cheese? I've never had the opportunity to try it, but I do love cheese!


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