Thursday, 7 June 2012


The prompt of this week is a bit double for me. Because when we use the word container in Dutch, we mean the wheelie bin. The trash can that will be collected every two weeks. Fortunately though, our 'containers' can contain things as much as glass or boxes or anything else, so I set out finding a container.

Well, I found one: two lovely cheery ones I got a shot of 14 years ago while on holiday in Italy. Me and a friend of mine had taken my car and driven down to Lake Garda in northern Italy, where we spent several days. After Lake Garda we made our way to Milan and then to a small village not far from Verona. We saw the balcony of Romeo and Juliet (what do you mean: fool the tourists?), the colliseum from the outside, I had my first pizza ever, we pretended to think and I spotted these bins.

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  1. Well that would certainly brighten up trash day. We get new city provided trash cans this week and I was thinking how much it would brighten up the neighborhood, but then I realized it would never work. People would use it for stating politically incorrect things then the city would have to put out ordinances for what could or could not be allowed. Ah well it was a good idea while it lasted. We are our own worst enemy.

  2. For me it was the same a container means to put in garbadge ! Yours look very nice and colorful !

  3. Those are so pretty. I love how they decorated them. You really had your first pizza only 14 years ago. I've been enjoying pizza for at least 50 years now!

  4. Oh, those are extremely nifty, Mara.


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