Thursday, 14 June 2012


My choice for this week's prompt is the photo you see here. In 1999 me and three friends went on holiday to Malta. Mostly we stayed in the hotel (it had a nice rooftop swimming pool), but on two occasions we went out. This was one. The night before, one of my friends had been flirting with some American navy guys and they had given us a ticket to visit their ship.

Anyway, we skipped the line of schoolchildren and other nosy people and presented our ticket. We got in and were absolutely awed by the massive ship, the USS John F Kennedy. It was the biggest aircraft carrier in the world at that time I believe (I've heard it has since been put out of commission). We only got a small tour, but what with fifteen floors, I don't mind too much. I posed in the end with the lovely young man who had given us the tour in front of the American flag. I am the little dot on the left!

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  1. Oh yes, you look very small.
    I've never been on an aircraft carrier, but my not-yet-sister-in-law and I did tour a destroyer once.

  2. Americans are very big on flags.

  3. Great choice. Did you know today is Flag Day in the US?


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