Thursday, 6 October 2011

When in doubt

For all you Dutch speakers: this is how I felt yesterday!!
Yes, doubt! Because I am to be honest. Is it a good move to come over here and earn about two thirds of what I'm earning now? Go back to two weeks vacation a year (I'm on 5 now) and start a whole new life? All because I want change and more room and space. Asking my sister didn't help: she had the choice of being unemployed in the Netherlands or employed in Northern Ireland. Easy! Asking other immigrants doesn't necessarily help: they usually have more education ie more chances ie more money than me!

And then I think, well, I am clever enough to work myself up in an organization and earn more money in time. I am nice enough to meet new people and make new friends. And holidays? Come on, this is the first time I actually went away in about three years! Most of the time I spend at home doing sod all (excuse my French)!

Hotel Chateau Lake Louise
My feelings came in large part from the fact that yesterday didn't work out the way I wanted to. I know job hunting isn't something that is over and done with within two days, but it still grates when it doesn't. I would so love to come back to the Netherlands and say: I did it, I got a job, I can quit and start packing (horror), but the reality is that there is a very big chance that might not happen. However much I wish for it.

Then, later yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from my agent. He had spoken to a hotel manager who was looking for a receptionist and was willing to meet me this morning. So, I got up early, spent some time finishing my sudoku, went for breakfast and after breakfast I went to this meeting. And not even ten minutes later I was out of the meeting again. With a promise that I would know for certain tomorrow! I then travelled back up in the lift and back to my room (yes, it's the hotel I'm staying in right now, which for some reason never surfaced as a hotel to work in!).

Gattina wished me a sac de merde yesterday (which I am quite ambiguous about to be honest), but I just hope you will all cross your fingers and your toes and everything else you can cross, just for luck!!!


  1. I hope nobody wishes me a sac of that.
    But I hope you get the job, because Canada needs enthusiastic immigrants who speak perfect English, even if they do sound like Brits!
    Fingers crossed, toes crossed. Lindy is asleep, so I crossed her toes, too (she sleeps very heavily, as you know).
    Luv, K and L and D

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I crossed my toes, crossed my legs, crossed my fingers and crossed my arms! That would be a great blessing and sign if this job comes true. ((HUGS))

  3. I think employers are looking for hard working, reliable people who will treat their job responsibly and go the extra mile if necessary. We don't get many of those people in the States. Here pleasure seems to come before work -- or maybe that's just Southern California. Hope to hear of your success soon. I know you'll be an asset.

  4. No, it's not always easy. But you are an optimistic, realistic and smart woman. I know you can do it:)
    And in my (humble) opinion: it's all worth it.
    We have everything possible crossed here. Good luck!!!!

  5. Consider them crossed!
    I moved 700 miles (I know, not as far as you are considering) from what had always been my home when I was 40. Kind of old to be making that big of a change for the first time.
    That was 15 years ago. Honestly, the first year was the hardest but after that it smoothed out.
    I'm sure that whatever you choose will be perfect for you.

  6. Here's hoping.

    I have a question: how does the cost of living compare to the Netherlands? Just thinking that if things are less expensive then maybe you can afford to make a bit less.

  7. Back from our mini vacation. This move wouldn't be for the faint of heart. but then you're not. I trust that you will make the right decision, whatever that is.


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