Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hot and cold

I wanted a nice hot shower. But when I stepped into the shower, I found the water wasn't warm. It wasn't exactly cold either, it was just sort of inbetween. Luke warm, tepid. And it would have been perfectly alright in the middle of summer. It's not summer though, it's the autumn and the temperatures outside don't go that high up anymore. So, getting out of a luke warm shower means I am freezing my behind off.

I had another problem as well. My heating. It just wouldn't turn off. So, I had taken to closing all the radiators at night, since I hate sleeping in a warm room. Unless it's summer of course, which it isn't!

Yesterday the man came to fix it all. Well, I say man, but teenager would probably be more appropriate. Perhaps early twenties, but that was it. Anyway, he opened the kettle thingy up, saw a valve was set to heating and not to hot water (it was broken), went out again and came back two minutes later with the new part and fixed it. So, that shower last night was heaven. And when I came down this morning I found that the heating worked properly again as well: I turn it off at the thermostat and it just stops.

But the best thing? Since I live in rented accommodation, the housing association pays for repairs like these. Brilliant!!


  1. Hot house and cool showers would not be good. The opposite isn't so very bad though.

  2. That's terrible when the heating doesn't work ! I missed quiet a few of your entries, although I always check my Google reader !

  3. So glad it's all repaired and how awesome that they paid for it. We are having a $464. repair on our washing machine!

  4. I disagree with Anvilcloud. I'd want a warm house after a cool shower. Brrr, a cold house after a hot shower wouldn't be any fun.
    We never did get the thermostat to work in Airdrie, did we? I hope you had better luck in Edmonton.
    Gattina says she's missed your posts. I'd better check to see if I have, too.
    Lindy is snoring on her windowseat behind me, but she'd say hi if she were awake. :o)

  5. Good for you. Glad you got this fixed before winter really sets in. You mean a roll in the snow wouldn't do it for you after a luke warm shower???

  6. First I like to thank you for visiting my I most certainly can relate to the heating problem, my landlord hasn't yet full-filled his duty of call at getting my floor heater turned on yet and the nights are rather cool especially during the wee early morning hours, at least I have hot water coming out of the shower so that there warms up the apartment.

    I like your blog, and glad you were able to get things fixed.

  7. I rented an apartment for years, and it was always nice to be able to call the landlord to fix stuff. The only problem was that he didn't always fix things in a timely fashion!


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