Friday, 6 May 2011


Canmore, photo taken from
Slowly but surely my head starts to feel better. The headaches aren't gone yet, but they don't hurt or bother me as much as they did at the beginning. Yesterday I even thought I might actually get back to work sooner than I planned, but last night I let go of that plan, when the headache returned in force!

With the headaches abating somewhat, there is now room in my head again for thoughts and most notably those about my emigration. Last Thursday I skyped with Henk (my agent) and had some news. As I knew (and I told you as well) the chances of me being allowed to stay in Canada as a busdriver were extremely slim, but we would try to gain entrance by me being a tourguide. Well, that's out of the window as well, since the Province of Alberta has deleted that job from its lists. So, no busdriver and no tourguide. The only other opportunity would be receptionist in a hotel.

The positives of that would be the fact that the chances I would get a job in a more touristy area of Alberta (as opposed to Edmonton) would be much greater. Jasper, Banff or (my favourite) Canmore. And the latter being my favourite since it's the centre of all cross-country and biathlon in Canada! Also, the opportunity for growth. There's not much promotion you can make as a busdriver, no matter how good you are. But, as a receptionist, the opportunities are certainly there. And knowing myself, I would be capable of a managerial post. I think so at least. Also, the fact that I am fluent in English and French and German and Dutch and do speak a bit of Italian will help me as well.

But there are also negatives I have to think of. The last time I worked as a receptionist was over 15 years ago. Of course the job in itself doesn't change that much and a new computer system would be easy enough to learn, but it's still 15 years! A second negative is of course the fact that I love driving a bus, although over the past week, I have come to realise that all those weird hours can have a serious effect on one's health!

When I was first told busdriving (and tourguide) would be non-options, I was again thinking of Norway as a second choice, since over there I could start tomorrow as a busdriver! I wouldn't need a visa, only a workpermit (since Norway isn't part of the EU) and I would need to learn Norwegian. But after talking to friends and family I realised that I would then give up before giving Canada a chance. Because I might find the perfect job as a receptionist and live happily ever after. Of course, I might fail in trying to find a job, but then at least I will have tried and given it my best shot. And Norway will always be a good second!


  1. Hotel receptionist would be a good path to pursue - good luck with the job-hunting:-)

  2. Norway's a beautiful country, but the cost of living is enormous. A cup of tea there,(a tea bag in a cup of hot water) cost me $4.00
    Also, have you considered the climate in Norway and Alberta? They do get a lot of snow and very cold temps and a lot of long, dark winter nights.
    These things would give me cause for concern, but you are probably hardier than me. Sorry, don't mean to be negative. If you have a dream follow it, but dream with your eyes wide open :)

  3. Eleven years ago, when we were visiting my daughter in Calgary, we'd always stop at the Tim Hortons in Canmore as we were passing by. That's all I know about the place, but it does have a Tims with a view. There have got to be so many tour buses in that section of the country where you could try to find a job once you are settled. I think they would pretty well be regular runs to and not to all sorts of places at all sorts of hours. I think it would be a great spot.

  4. Note: we were passing by Canmore on our way to the mountains: ie Banff, Lake Louise etc.

  5. Don't give up on Canada! Canada hasn't given up on you! Well, we haven't, anyway. Dick has a friend in the hotel business, so maybe...
    Norway does sound awfully expensive. A tea bag in a cup in Alberta would be half or 3/4 that price.
    I don't know about Norway, but once it does warm up in Alberta, it gets hot. Yes, winters are cold. Very cold. A nice indoor job could be a good thing.
    Canmore is a good choice, an hour and a half from Calgary, so four hours from us.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. I agree, Norway should be you second choice. Go after your dream before you settle for second best.
    I pray that it all works out and that you do get the happily ever after.

  7. I think it would be fun to be a hotel receptionist!


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