Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I've got a sluggish feeling about me. I know I've forgotten to do something, so I keep trying to remember what it is. The thing is though, I also know I haven't forgotten to do something, it's just a feeling I can't seem to shake.

I want the whole emigration process to move a bit faster than it is right now (stand-still), especially since I will be away next week and won't be able to do anything at all.

I am waiting for the invitation cards to send out to the family for our family day in May, but it takes so long! In reality it isn't, but it just feels like it. I need them to be here by the end of the week though, since I will be away next week and won't be able (didn't I just write that?) to do anything at all.

My shoulder has been hurting for a while now, ever since I dug up the garden (who says gardening is good for you?). According to my cousin it might be something like bursitis and when I looked it up I realised it would take ages to heal! I haven't got the time for that! After all, I will be away next week...

All those things together (and work as well) make me feel sluggish and blergh and I just wish something would happen. I wouldn't mind winning the lottery or having a nice holiday to somewhere warm and quiet or both.


  1. Sorry about the shoulder. I hope it doesn't hinder driving.

  2. i wish i would win the lottery and i would move you here to colorado

  3. Now I know that you are away next week but where are you ??
    I have again a whole snail collection in our garden ! Put a product and now I have 100 of "houses" or shells if you want.

  4. Well.... I really DO like the fact that you are away next week. Because I will then have the opportunity to see you again. A whole week! And you get to see and speak me. Okay. There will be 50 teenagers and some other blokes as well, but I will not have them spoil this happy event. See you next week!

  5. Hope everything works out.

    So I hear your going to be gone next week!


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