Saturday, 2 April 2011


The last few days have been dreary. Drizzle, rain, wind and in general just blergh! But today was a different kettle of fish. The sun shone all day, the wind had died down and the temperature shot up to about 20 degrees. It was fantastic! The laundry was drying outside, the cats were outside, I bought some daisies to cheer up the garden which doesn't have much colour in it (apart from the yellow in the background) and it was just glorious.

At some point Wuppie got really interested in some bug or other, but he didn't go for it, which is quite unusual. Until I saw what it was: a big bumble bee. It's black and yellow and he's been stung in the past by bees and wasps and he must have learnt his lesson! Who said Wuppie was dumb??

I don't know what that bumble bee was about though, since it was just crawling through the grass and dried leaves. I did hear it zoom for a minute, but it never flew off. Isn't nature fascinating?


  1. Sunshine makes such a difference to one's mood.
    I guess the bee may just have come out of hibernation.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Laundry hung outside, that is awesome. Yes nature is fascinating. I think Skye has learned her lesson too. She was stung so many times as a puppy and just kept playing with them.

  3. 20 eh? I think it might have reached 10 here.

    One thing about me is i love bugs(not and all just some) the only thing bug like i let live in my home are spiders (i know yuck to most b ut i love them, especially when they are crawling on my vaulted ceilings upside down, crazy to see) anyway hailey and dave and i were outside the other day and there was a tiny little creature on hailey that she pointed out to me so i carefully took it off of her and it was a teenie weenie baby bee the size of this writing. it was so cute, almost microscopic.

  5. we had the same weather too ! but I had no lazy bumble bee in our garden, but the snails start to marching in with house and furniture ! I throw a special anti snail product in the plants !
    Have already collected some now empty shell houses !

  6. Bumble bees and butterflies make my day. There's something cute and cuddly about bumble bees. The name alone: BBBBUMMMBBBLEBBBEE, there's something lazy about it. Perhaps that's why it didn't fly away. Too lazy. Some bumblebee species live in holes in the ground I believe.


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