Saturday, 9 April 2011

Another week

Well, another week has passed without a single blogpost from me! Wow! And yet again, I wasn't out of the country without access to internet, I didn't break all of my fingers and I wasn't lying dead in a ditch. Instead I've been working reasonably normal hours, visiting my parents (who weren't home) and during the last few days I have been tired.

Yesterday saw me starting to work at 6.15am and I finally made it back to the lot at 8.20pm! And by that time I was shattered. The work hadn't been difficult and I hadn't done a long journey either, but still, it was really tiring. It started with a school run: quiet children who say good morning and sit down. No mess, no over excited goings on, just easy. Then I went to see my boss about my new uniform parts: the trousers were fine but too long (they're being fixed as we speak by a local tailor) and the shirts were too wide at the collar and waaaaaaay too narrow everywhere else. Whoever thought that tailored shirts were good on a woman who wears a few sizes in the plus is a moron!

Then I had to do some swimming runs and I wasn't even very grumpy this time. And last but not least I had to do the office run. Which proved to be a massive lesson in patience since an accident on the motorway had blocked all the other roads leading to (and in a lesser degree from) the motorway. I was late on two occasions and they were probably late all the time! Waiting for the last run to the trainstation my stomach started grumbling in earnest, so as soon as the last run was done I drove to a restaurant and had myself a good meal, courtesy of the boss.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the little africans...


  1. A 14 hour day is pretty doggone long. So ... you are excused. :) Doesn't that bring you much relief? :)

  2. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and we do have to live outside of blog time. Glad you had some time to get some rest.

  3. let it all a=out mara
    record yourself with frustration
    im here to listen
    we all are
    i missed you

  4. I was wondering where you were. Some long days and traffic jams are the worst!


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