Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thank you London!

Well, I should have known, after all, the same thing happened last year. After a few trips to London, where I have to get up early, or late, or not at all, drive at all hours of the day and then have to sleep in the middle of the day, I caught the bug again. So, right now, I have an absolute stinking cold!
It started a few days ago with a slight sore throat. By that time of course it was way too late to do anything against it (even though I did swallow several paracetamol) and yesterday it became a lot worse. And now? Well, trying to cough my lungs out of my body every single time, a very red and sore nose and not enough tissues anywhere near me! I still have to work today, starting again at a stupid time and finishing at an even stupider (yes I know) time. 18.30 until 27.15 (03.15am)! Fortunately tomorrow I only have one schoolrun and then it's VACATION TIME!!!! Two weeks without screaming teens, demanding passengers and blocked roads.

Two more days, Mara, two more days!!!

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