Friday, 5 December 2008


We're not really used to snow in the Netherlands. We get it on average about 10 times a year and the last time it actually stayed on the ground for more than one day, let alone longer is about four years ago now. It was in the region I live and in one day we had about 50 centimeters (foot and a half). We even made the German news!
As you can see from the pictures below though we had some snow during the past few days. I must admit though, I have been cheating a bit. All the pictures were taken in Germany on the motorway. At the time I wasn't driving (there were two of us)and was able to take quite a few pictures.
The motorway we were on was a three-lane one, but as you can see in the pictures, it was hard going. We were lucky though, all the roads we took were fairly clean (apart from this one obviously) and none were blocked. Other roads were worse and some were blocked due to jack-knifed lorries or too much snow.
Getting back to the Netherlands the weather got better and better. Until we hit the border that is, because it started snowing again. In earnest as well. Not as bad as in Germany, but still...
View through the windscreen. The side of the road Three lanes crawling along because the 'winterservice' hadn't been yet.

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