Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tide Games 2015

Well, you have probably read the story about the Tide Games already. I think Brom did a really good job at writing it (!). We are usually a gang of about 20 making our way to Voss, but this year we were only 12! Seven of those were playing football and the rest was cheering. Not nearly enough of course, so for next year we will have to do some serious recruiting!!

The journey over was good fun. I was in the guide's chair, since sitting two seats back wasn't making my tummy too happy. Besides, it's easier taking photos through a window! I kept my alcohol intake low during the whole weekend: one sip of white wine and one sip of vodka/fanta. And yes, it should be said in that order: it was strong stuff!!

The evening was spent in a good way as well. I took lots of photos during the weekend and during the evening I had my camera with me again. Not always used by me, two others would take it occasionally as well. Which resulted in some photos of me as well, which is always good.

The return was a bit of a dreary and quiet affair. Dreary because of the rain and quiet because most were trying to recover from the day before. Football aches and pains and a glass or two of whatever their tipple was does that to a person. We got dinner as well, so no need to get out plan B when I got home. The weekend ended with a bit of television. Unfortunately there seemed to be some unsettled weather in England, since it was difficult to get any channels properly. 


  1. Hari OM
    glad you were able to enjoy the TG again this year - why such low attendance I wonder? Yes, there was major weather change down South I think - hard to tell from here, 'cuz it was the same as always!... no to be fair, we have had more sunshine in September in Dunoon than there has been for the rest of the year put together. But Autumn is definitely twitching... Love your 'evening' photo! YAM xx

    1. Several people quit and some couldn't make it this year. We hope next year will be better again though. It is always good fun I think.

      Even if the weather is bad, it doesn't usually affect the BBC, but I think it might be more to do with my reception than their sending. I will have to get it updated soon. After all, I don't want to miss out on Doctor Who or Strictly...

  2. Yes Mark is in England and the weather got ugly. Glad you had a nice time. Love your Viking head gear!

  3. I hear the English Channel does get unsettled at times. ;)
    Anyway, aside from me being silly, it sounds as though your weekend was alright.

  4. Loving that Viking gear you and Brom were wearing.


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