Monday, 20 April 2015

Too much or not enough?

Isn't it strange how some months there aren't enough days to post the stories you want to tell, yet other months are the complete opposite. Too many days for the two tiny stories that don't interest anybody but me. April turns out to be of the latter variety. 

I mean, it started off well: back at work, back in the full swing of things. Plenty of things to say about that. Like being tired, so incredibly tired. Then the fact that my aches and pains had dwindled down to basically nothing. Until I overdid it on the chocolate mousse on Friday that is and I had a minor headache yesterday. 

The weather then? It hasn't disappointed too much lately. It's fine and pretty, the daffodils are finally in full bloom and if only the temperature would cooperate somewhat, it would be fantastic. They have only now come up to just into double figures. Twelve/thirteen degrees. Norwegian spring. 

And what about Miss Oswin? Always good for a photo opportunity or two. And she always cooperates as well. Being a very beautiful and photogenic cat, she always tries to look her best. Even if I then go and spoil her prettiness by putting the anti flea and tick stuff in her neck. 

So, there were plenty of stories to tell apparently this month. Yet, there were still too many days. And the month is not over yet either! 

Ah well, a post filled today at least. Oh, and if you are wondering what is happening in the photo. Before being able to drink the water, I need to boil it and then I need to filter it. Or I can just buy water and drink that!


  1. Hari Om
    Oh yes, had needed reminding that you are having water health issues... tsk... looks like you got organised though.

    I kinda know what you mean about those days - but this is why a lot more photos began to creep into what is essentially a writing blog at Wild YAM... am managing to claw back a bit more of the wordiness though.

    We're just always glad to see you and your take on life when ever you've got time (and something) to share! YAM xx

    1. Ah, but I don't always go out and take a lot of photos either! And when I do, I usually show them in about three posts and I am done. Plus I don't really do the whole cartoon/video thing either. Unless it's the Eurovision stuff of course. Then I will show videos!

  2. Dear me - having to boil and then filter water sounds a bit of a bind but having to buy it would be so expensive. Bottled water in UK costs more than milk!

  3. Just this week I saw a local boil water notice in an outlying area. At least you have the option of boiling. Hope that gets repaired soon and your week goes well.

    1. Well, I was strongly advised to boil before drinking. I am hoping to get hooked up to the water mains soon though and then I won't have to bother anymore. I hope...

  4. You don't always have to boil and filter your water do you???


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