Friday, 15 August 2014

I just want to

The Scream by a little known Norwegian artist called Edvard Munch
When I first got medication from the doctor containing codein, the pharmacist told me the codein could cause a bit of constipation. In order to combat that from the start, it might be wise to use some type of liquid. But did I listen?

So, moving on a few months and even though with a lot of walking the pain in my leg has become less, the pain in my side/groin area was still very present. In the end I admitted defeat, went back to the pharmacy and got some laxatives. Which I took last Friday night. They worked a treat and by Saturday night, I was ready to party. Albeit without alcohol. Well, as long as I didn't eat, I was ready to party. As soon as I did eat, my intestines were having their own party. I went home early. 

By Monday my body was more or less back to normal, even the twitch of pain in my side/groin area was a bit better. By Tuesday I was feeling quite good. By Wednesday I had decided that tonight was the night: no pills whatsoever. Nothing was burning, twitching, aching. 

I woke up on Thursday morning. Around 3am. Menstral cramps! 



  1. Hari OM
    ...but the signs are good!!! YAM xx

    1. The signs are very good! And last night I slept like a log for about 8 hours straight. If it hadn't been for the alarm, it would have been even more!

  2. It never fails! But this too will pass...and hopefully you'll be back to your normal pain-free self!

  3. Despite the setbacks, it seems that your condition has improved.

  4. Do not miss that part of being younger. Glad you are doing much better!


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