Monday, 18 June 2012

Typical (again, I know)

Why does a heron lift one foot to go to sleep?
If he lifts both, he will fall over!
My dad wanted to take my baby with him on holiday: it was smaller and therefore didn't weigh as much as his own laptop. So, when I went to see my parents last week, I took the baby with me. Without it's protective cover though, because I had lost it. I couldn't find it anywhere! I knew it wasn't in the kitchen and it was definitely nowhere in sight. The day my parents left last week, I found it. It had made its way into the paper recycling bin! Oops!!

I am however not the only one loosing stuff. Even the powers that be (ie my boss) looses stuff occasionally. Like certificates. Although I should probably say he didn't loose it so much as never had it in the first place. So, tomorrow I will be doing a course I have already done! Joy!!

So, what is this course you are wondering (I know you are, you lot are a nosy bunch of people, otherwise you wouldn't read my or anybody else's blog). I will tell you: it's 'The New Driving'.  For some obscure reason the European Parliament has decided professional large vehicle drivers (bus/coach and lorry) need 35 hours of extra training every five years in order for them to be allowed to keep on driving professionally. There are many courses to pick from, but one that is almost mandatory is the new driving. Learning how to save fuel (and as a result the environment) and how to drive a bit more smoothly.

As I said I did this course nearly two years ago, but apparently my boss never got the proof of it. So, since it's already paid for, I have to do it again. Ah well, I will get paid for it... I just hope I will get the chance to do the remaining 14 hours as well (I already have two other courses under my belt), so I might go to Norway with a new driver's licence, all up to code!


  1. Well that may be a blessing in disguise. Nothing better than being up to date when you go to Norway!

  2. I think you are taking this rather well.


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