Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The cherries on top

Photo taken in 2010
Being a coach driver is a great job. You get to go places, see things, meet people. Although at times it seems that the only people I meet are under the age of 10, the only things I see are swimming bags and the only places I go are schools and swimming pools. And then along comes a nice trip. To Germany or London. To Ireland or to Paris.

This coming weekend I will be going to Paris. For the second time, not counting the time I went there on my holiday. I went there last year with a group of Iranians, which resulted in me drinking beer at a quarter past eight on a Sunday morning! This year I will be going with a group of Iranians again, since the event is annual! Click here for the reason.

My day will start early on Friday, but I can pick up the first lot of people quite close to home. And then for some obscure reason I have to drive all the way to the other side of the country to pick up the rest. Ah well. Then it's off to Paris, where I hope we will be able to see the Eiffel Tower. With the sun shining and the sky blue. I want to take a photo this year, I forgot to do so last year. If for some reason (like the slow-actions threatened by the petrol lorries due to the rise in tobacco tax, don't ask) I won't have the time, it will be straight to the hotel.

However, tomorrow will be another day of work first. Just the school, the pool and under tens.


  1. Have a wonderful time. I was there on this week last year for 8 days.
    I loved it. (I'm so jealous)

  2. Enjoy the perks of your job.


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