Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mr Pumpkinhead

When I was in Canada, the stores were filled with all things Hallowe'en, which was both great fun and a shame. The great fun of course was seeing all that stuff that I had previously only seen in films and on tv since we don't celebrate Hallowe'en in the Netherlands. At least not to the extent they do it in North America. The shame was about it not being Christmassy stuff that was out. Although that might have delayed my plans for moving a bit longer, since I would probably have needed another suitcase for all the stuff I might would have bought.

Anyway, as I was walking through one of the stores one day, I came across this one stand with all these outfits on. Witches and warlocks, ghosts and ghouls and of course pumpkins. But they weren't for you and me, no, they were for our little furry friends! And even though the outfits were quite pricey, I couldn't resist to pick out the pumpkin suit for the smallest dogs. I thought Mathilda would look grand in it, but of course she never got the opportunity to show it off. But I then realised Wuppie might look fantastic in it too, him being on the orange side already. The only question was: would it fit? Well, it did and there was room to spare.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!


  1. Wuppie looks wonderful in it, Mara. I'll have to send Dick this link!
    I can just imagine what would have happened if they had been selling Christmas things. You never would have seen the Rockies or the Badlands, you'd have spent all your time in West Edmonton Mall.
    Luv, K

  2. Wuppie! What a great name for a cat! And he/she looks wonderful!

  3. The Christmas stuff will be out soon -- probably tomorrow, if it isn't out already.

    I think Wuppie is having a problem maintaining his dignity.

  4. He looks so handsome. I haven't even put Skye's costume on yet.
    I will get it on for tonight!

  5. Did you drug Wuppie before putting on the suit?
    Or he's just the best behaved cat ever. He is sweet, I know that from personal experience, but this is just mega-sweet.
    And the duvet (is that the right word?) looks cool with that outfit too.

  6. hahaha ! he looks hilarious, and what a nice cat ! Mine would have killed me if I would try a cloth on them, except hats. Here Halloween comes up more and more especially for kids but also adults giving Halloween parties. The shops were full of costumes and witches and the same stuff as in the States.
    Last year I had bought some sweets and chocolate for the kids and their trick and treat and nobody came. This year I didn't buy anything and of course the bell rang 3 times tonight !
    I felt so sorry for them, they looked so cute in their costumes, 3 witches and a pirate !


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