Monday, 3 October 2011

I just had to!

I just loved this cowboy dino inside the largest dino in the world!
Yes, I've been away for a whole day(!), but don't worry, I am not lying in a ditch somewhere, unseen by any of the three cars that pass in one hour. Nor did I have to be taken by a Canadian ambulance to a Canadian hospital where they diagnosed me with Dutch Rickets (whatever that may be) which required isolation from the the computer. However, I did get back to the hotel at 1am in the morning and was tired enough to head straight for bed.

See, I was inside!
So, what did I do? Well, as I said in the title: I just had to go back to Drumheller and the Badlands (Kay, stop whooping). I didn't think I had seen nearly enough and the other choice (Dinosaur Provincial Park) was just too far away and wouldn't leave me with a lot of time to look around. Since I had to be back quite early because I had an appointment with some Dutch immigrants. Anyway...

A stegasaurus?
I went back to Drumheller and even with the threat and later the reality of rain it was as beautiful as the first time around. This time I did get the chance to get into the largest dinosaur of the world (at the cost of $3) and I climbed the 106 steps to the top. The inside had been decorated with dinosaurs and a spider and other things related to the Badlands. After that I headed out for the Royal Tyrrell Museum, which was worth every penny I would normally have paid: $11. However, I didn't pay a cent (or dime or whatever the expression is), since it was free! Yippee.

Now, the RTM is a museum about dinosaurs, since those are found a lot in the Alberta Badlands (hence the Provincial Park as well) and it was stuffed to the ceiling with a lot of different dinosaurs. It was absolutely fantastic and I took tons of photos. After walking around for about two hours and marvelling at all those bones, I grabbed something to eat before heading out and doing a 1km loop around the badlands. It came with information boards which told me a lot more than I already knew.

Me in the Badlands
At 3pm I left the museum and headed back. I was meeting up with Jacky and her husband. They immigrated with their two sons a few years ago and I was keen to hear about the hows whys and whats. Well, we talked before during and after dinner and I finally left at midnight. In that time though I had heard about the good differences, the bad differences, the same things and a lot more. They showed me their house and we wondered at some of the Canadianism which we find pretty weird, strange or downright hilarious (don't worry, that will be a post of its own).

By the side of the road
And today I had to leave Airdrie and head back to Edmonton. But not before I got myself a cell phone! The first one I ever owned (I don't own a cell phone in the Netherlands, I use my company phone). Of course I am completely digitally challenged and when I went to get my top-up, they offered to get it set up for me and all. I then noticed it actually had a camera as well! The joys of a new phone...

Grain silos by the railtracks
Right now I am in the hotel in Edmonton, with a tv that actually has sound and my suitcase is unpacked. I will get something to eat in a minute and then decide what to do tomorrow. My agent will get in touch with me tomorrow as well to make some appointments, either for interviews or for meetings with other immigrants. Exciting!!!


  1. Okay, I'm not whooping, but I am smiling.
    I'm very glad you went back to Drumheller because I know you were disappointed about not getting up to look out the dinosaur's mouth.
    It looks like you had a super time, and I'm glad you enjoyed the museum.
    Of course, I'm now very curious about Canadianisms and why the Dutch think we're funny. Most people (so I'm told) think Canadians are boring.
    Lindy sends her love, and I promise not to phone you every day, and so does Lindy, although we might e-mail you. :o)
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Having lived in Canada for about eight years in the sixties, I'm looking forward to hearing about the Canadianisms. Glad you're having such a good time.

  3. Wow that's a lot of steps. Looks like you had fun there. Glad you got to meet up with Jacky and were able to talk about everything. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  4. We went to that museum on a hot day, and the place was packed, so we didn't really like it too much.

    How are the wide open spaces grabbing you?

  5. I think I would have done the same and go back ! That's really amazing walking in a Dinosaur, lol !
    Nice too that you could meet landsmen and hear from their experience. My son's friend was sent by his company to Quebec and he was very reluctant to go and his wife even worse. Now 7 years later with two boys they will never come back to Belgium only for family visits ! But apparently the first 2 years were pretty bad for her ... homesick !


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