Saturday, 25 October 2008


When I first got my mobile phone a couple of years ago, I immediately told my friends and family, they were not allowed to phone me, unless it was a matter of life and death. If they wanted to talk to me, they could send me a text and I would phone back at the earliest opportunity or when I felt like it (in some cases).
One of my friends forgot. She tried to phone me on my home phone, she tried sending me messages via hyves, but she never sent me a text. When she finally got through, she wondered whether I was angry with her? Stupid cow! Anyway, we have smoothed it over again and she's coming over tonight and staying until tomorrow.

This morning I had a text of her, saying she is coming over, but she's not staying. She always does this and it does annoy me. I do understand she has a boyfriend and two (small) children, but if you want to come over, come over and if you want to stay, stay. I go through a lot of trouble and then she isn't staying.

Ah well, never mind, at least she's still coming...

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