Saturday, 22 December 2018

Nearly there!

It hasn't officially started yet, but the job I was due to do today was cancelled, so you could say it did anyway: my Christmas holiday. A bit of a scare two days ago when I saw they had me working four days next week (!) when I had asked for time off. Money wise it would have been a better move, but for half a day more pay... It got sorted though and I am now off until past the New Year.

We are not expecting snow and if we do get it, Miss O will not be going out!
My sister also got time off for the week and we are spending it together. Tonight or tomorrow morning (depends on whether I get everything done by tonight), me, Miss O, Brom (and Mouse) are heading over to her to celebrate Christmas with Gera. Yes, Miss O is coming as well. She will hate the journey over of course, but she won't mind spending time in Gera's house: windows to look out of!

My sister is a church goer, so I will accompany her. You never know, it might do me some good 😀.  We will watch some Christmas television, there will be plenty on. But of course we will also have some food. We were getting goose which according to my sister is very good and she had had a few years ago when my parents came over. They ate the whole goose in under two days she said. Well, the packaging around the goose said 8-10 people and I doubt we will be able to eat that within two days, so we opted for duck instead. 

Dronning Maud Pudding
We will also be making some other things: filled speculaas (mmmmmm) and the Queen Maud Pudding I learned about in Norway. I am salivating as is! We will probably make more than that, but those are the things that are certain. 

Then, sometime between Christmas and New Year, we will all move to mine to celebrate New Year's Eve over here. More goodies are expected, like the Dutch oily balls which will be made in the garage to try and prevent the cooking smell to permeate the whole place. 

Part of Dunluce Castle
If the weather is nice during the holidays, we will finish our big tour we started last February: the Mourne Coastal Route. We have done two thirds now, but still have the last bit left. And if that goes faster than we think, then we might continue on the Causeway Coastal Route, which takes in the north coast. We have done some bits of that route already and visited some places (like Dunluce Castle and the Giant's Causeway), but there is plenty more to see. 


  1. Seems like you have great plans. Enjoy.

  2. Yay for an early start to your festivities! I found you in the photo. I thought you were the 4th from right lol. Your tasty food is beautifully prepared.
    You and Gera and ms O have fun in spite of the traveling w a kitty
    Hugs cecilia

  3. Hari OM
    Brom is rocking the head dress!!! You be sure to have a supery-dupery time you lot and travel safely when out on those festive roads. hugs, whiskeries, growlies, YAM (aunty) xxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxx

    1. It was actually a gift to Miss O, who was severely unimpressed! I mean seriously unimpressed!!

  4. It sounds like you will have a great Christmas and New Year celebration with your sister.

  5. Love the sound of your plans. Merry Christmas to you and your sister.

  6. So glad you got your time off. Hooray!! Enjoy!! Have a wonderful Christmas with Gera. Duck will be great. So what's in those oily balls? You certainly have some awesome plans ahead.

  7. Veel plezier allebei. Maak er wat moois van!!!!

  8. Hope you are enjoying the holiday with Gera, Brom and Miss O. Wishing you the very best.


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