Friday, 14 December 2018

Money money money

I got a message last week from my Norwegian bank. I had to pay my credit card. And I was wondering why? Since I had paid off the credit card a long time ago and had blocked it being used everywhere. Turns out a membership to something that I was sure I had transferred to my British account, was paid using my Norwegian card. I was in the minus again.

Being in the minus meant I had to transfer money again. Which is an expensive business. It's cheaper to just put money in an envelope and send it off! Anyway, I found the money, sent it off (paid 15 pounds to get it sent) and it arrived in Norway. Where I had to pay another 10 pounds to get it received. Meaning: I still lacked funds to pay off my credit card! How annoying.

Fortunately I know one or two people in Norway. And after posting on Facebook that I needed some money (about 3 pounds), one of my friends said she would be quite willing to help me out. The money arrived today and I paid off the credit card immediately. 

I decided after that that I would close all accounts I still have in Norway. They are empty and when I get my tax money next year, I will just have to get it transferred to a foreign account for them. Receiving money only costs me 5 pounds anyway...


  1. Hari Om
    Yeah, foreign exchange is a bit of a rip-off... but one of the pills we have to take for travelling! YAM xx

    1. No no, that is not the exchange! It is just the sending and the receiving. The exchange rate comes on top of that! Terrible, terrible.

  2. Now that's what I call really annoying!

  3. Very annoying indeed...before I retired I worked with international students coming to NC for studies at N.C. State University. I was very surprised to learn that 95% of them had never written a check or had a checking account. I just assumed everyone paid bills via check.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. What a pain that must have been!

  5. I would think there's no excuse for such red tape and fees in this day and age when things are so transferable. I sent you an email re afghans.

  6. I tell you banks are the worst usurers !

  7. I tell you banks are the worst usurers !

  8. problem solved at the end....hopefully.
    have a great day

  9. Oh, those automatic, once a year draws caught us this year after having lost a card. So does paypal not work for these types f transactions? Anywho, hope you are having some fun somewhere along the way.


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