Friday, 5 October 2018


In Norway back in 2013
It's always nice to have friends coming over to stay and do things with. Even if it is only talking a lot over endless cups of tea. And I was really looking forward to this weekend: one of my friends was coming over for a few days. Brilliant! 

She booked the flight. I asked for time off. So far, so good. And then? Then she decided to do something that she had wanted to do for some time. Jumping on a trampoline! Which in itself isn't so bad, but in her case it did turn out to be so. Back aches, trouble walking and even though she rested a lot, it was a severe no-go. 

In the end she had to cancel her trip, due to her possibly having a hernia. This is the second time she has had to cancel her trip, which is a shame, because when I am in the Netherlands, we usually only see each other for a few hours. 

Don't worry: I have made other plans: ironing, hoovering, doing dishes, doing laundry, knitting and tomorrow I will be going shopping with my sister. 

I told my friend though: next time make sure no aunts or uncles are ill and do NOT jump on trampolines!


  1. We are not getting any younger.

  2. Sorry to hear your friend is hurt and your time together has been cancelled. It sounds like you have plenty to fill your time with.

  3. Is sucks that she had to cancel. Looks like you have a lot of things to keep you busy.

  4. Ouch....right before we went out of town earlier this week I was filling up the bird feeders. I made an awkward 'senior' move when I reached for the bin of bird seed. Thankfully a hot shower and some SalonPas muscle patches helped. This is something I do weekly with the seed but obviously I moved wrong and will not do it again before a trip.
    Hugs C

  5. Hari Om
    it' a bummer - but some personal R&R is no bad thing, so think 'silver linings'! YAM xx

  6. That's disappointing to say the least.

  7. I caught up on your posts, parents gone, but you at least saw something ! I love the castle on your header, that's very romantic ! Too bad that your friend couldn't come !


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