Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The digs

One of the bedrooms with walk-in closet
After the interview had ended on Saturday, me and my sister drove back home. We both agreed pretty quickly that this was my chance and I think before we had even left the parking lot, my mind was already made up: accept!

However, just having a job is great, but apart from short stays, there was no way me and Miss Oswin were going to be living with my sister. Not with her stuff and my stuff together! We would be swamped. A place to live was needed. 

Small, but with everything that's needed!
Fortunately my sister has already lived in Northern Ireland for 12 years and knows people. And one person she knows has a fiance and he is creating two apartments. So, on Saturday evening, my sister contacted her to ask whether we could come and see. Nine o'clock the following morning we were quite welcome to see the finished product and the non-finished product. 

No dishwasher unfortunately, the only downside
When we got there, we found that it was a really quiet back road where the only thing we heard were some twittering birds. The first apartment we were shown was the finished one. Two large bedrooms, a functional bathroom and a kitchen/living room. And downstairs a massive garage! 

The living room. Not really with a view
The other apartment wasn't quite that far yet. In fact it wasn't far at all yet and would take about three months to finish he said. But, if I wanted it, he would put in some extra effort to get it finished sooner. 

Well, we shook hands and now I have a place to live. And don't worry, in the mean time, me and my sister will live together so I won't be homeless. My stuff however, will be stored in the garage that will be mine!

And this is where we will live when it's finished!
One less worry in my adventure!


  1. Looks good ! Is there a garden or something for Miss Oswin ?

  2. Wow, did we ever miss a lot or what?? Congrats on the start of a new adventure!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hari OM
    Yes, this post did not turn up in my feed... I always check back anyway, but thanks for pointint it out!... now my question is, why not take the completed flat - or was it already 'dibbsed'??? Looks fabulous though. YAM xx

    1. The other one was already taken. In fact, she is moving in today!

  4. Awesome, so glad you found a place! Is your place going to be exactly like the finished one?

  5. It is a shame he would not add a dishwasher. Looks like a nice new clean place for you and your possessions.

    1. Admittedly, it would take a bit of space from the kitchen, which is not that large. But is a nice clean and new place. Now just to move my lot in!


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