Saturday, 9 July 2016


At the top
Living where I live, means living close to a lot of beautiful nature. The sea on one side with several islands (I really need to visit them some day) and mountains on the other side. And for about three weeks I had been wanting to do a hike to a mountain top called Valhest. Weather, other training and work got in the way, but today was the day.

Yep, I fell. Into the mud. As if I hadn't been dirty enough already.
First I had to pick up two friends and then we drove to the parking place close to where the trail started. The first bit was quite easy: downhill on a gravel path and then a bit of tarmac. But once that was finished, we were in for it. Grass, swampy bits, stones, rocks, rivers (albeit small ones) and of course the mountains. 

Part of the view. The North Sea in the distance.
Since none of us had ever been there, we didn't really know what we were in for! We didn't know we would have to go up a nasty, steep, rocky, swampy (yes, all at once) path. We didn't know that once we had crossed that, we were still only halfway! We didn't know that we had to cross a mountain ridge, go down a bit and then up another ridge. We didn't know the treat in store when we finally made it to the top! 

It. Was. HEAVY!!!
Of course, once we got up there, we would need to get down again as well. Which sounds easy (you're going down), but can actually be equally tricky. Having to take care where to place your feet, so you won't go knee deep into the swampy bits. Or slide down into the mud (yes, I did). 

Bush, hand, mouth. It was that easy.
We started around 10.30am, we were back at the car around 4.30pm. What with breaks, me wheezing (not whistling anymore though) and us having to take a break every now and then to eat blueberries, take photos or just enjoy the scenery, I think it was a great day. Plus a great work-out as well of course.


  1. Way to go! Glad your out and about doing things all the time.

  2. It sounds quite challenging, Mara, and you did it. It sounds like you enjoyed it as well. Way to go!

    1. It was very challenging and at some point I wondered whether I should continue. Since that was on the way down again, I didn't really have that much choice on the matter...

  3. Hari Om
    nothing beats wild blaeberries... though I fear our local crop up the hill has been washed away.... I do believe you are looking fitter, pal... and like the longer hair too! YAM xx

    1. They were small blueberries, but they tasted beautiful! Do you know, I had never had blueberries before I moved to Norway!

  4. Good on you. That sounded quite a climb but what an achievement.

  5. You were meant to be a Viking.
    I think going down is harder than going up: perhaps easier on the heart but harder to navigate.


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