Thursday 8 October 2015

A disgrace

I should call it that: a disgrace! Because that's exactly what it is! I promised a post about how busy I have been and what happens? Nothing! Nothing at all. Zip, nada, zilch, ingenting!!

And I have been busy! Busy doing the dishes (every day if you please), researching, busy cooking meals (every day if you please), working (almost every day), researching, laundry, cleaning, researching, watching television and then some more researching.

The research is of course into my family roots and I have found some amazing things only in the last few days. It is really exciting and it takes up a fair amount of time. Because you get sucked in, it is so addictive! The latest I have found is about a brother of an ancestor (the one who moved to New Jersey) and his "antics". Not only did his wife have to divorce him, three years after he left the country, during their time together it wasn't all sweet smelling roses either! I really get a picture of this man now and it is great fun!

And what about those dishes you ask? Especially those of you who have known me for a bit longer? Well, I don't know, but I seem to be on track, which is always good. Perhaps I finally realised that having to do the dishes for two hours because I saved all my crockery and stuff up is not a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. Let's hope it continues!

The other busybody in this house is of course Miss Oswin. She has found a new hobby: ruin the underside of the two-seater couch! Apart from going out twice (!) in an hour. The first time she will go out, do something or other and then come back to have some sweeties. After which she feels there is still a good time to be had outside! Like catching mice (I found one this morning). 

Right now however, she is busy taking one of her many beauty sleeps. Which are of course very important as well.

And one more thing I will get busy with from this weekend: my sister's cardigan. I promised I would try and finish it, ooh, about a year and a half ago! And did I do that? Did I ever... So, since I will be going to see her soon, I thought it would be nice to have a finished product in my luggage! It took me some time to locate the cardigan again, but I did in the end and from Saturday I will give it a go!

Right, that was it from a very busy (!) me. I will try and mend my ways!!

PS: It is even more disgraceful than I thought! I wrote this post yesterday, but never finished it! Shame on me!!!


  1. If you like to save the dishes for one big washing up session, may I suggest investing in a dishwasher?

  2. Hari OM
    Crikey.... you've been BUSY.... and now you have created intrigue. At least a fictionalised version of your ancestor would be welcomed here, I am sure... just hintin' &*> Anyhoo, glad you and the divine Miss O are trundling along productively... sending you both huggies (a boo to Brom), YAM xx

    1. Don't worry, in due time I will put shorter extracts about my family history down.

      Hugs back from all of us (although Miss Oswin is not big on hugs, preferring a nice back rub)

  3. Sounds like you are a busy girl....and that is a great thing!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. We think it is a virus going around cuz it is happening at our house too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. If you are a disgrace, I am an even bigger one! I haven't blogged for almost two weeks! I just posted a Spin Cycle prompt; feel free to link up this busy post if you want to. :) I'll admit it; I've been keeping busy watching T.V. and my dishes pile up, too!

  6. Oh yes! Gotta keep up with the &^%$ dishes. Or else.

  7. Busy takes lots of forms. We will be dog/puppy sitting this weekend. That will certainly keep us busy.

    1. My form of busy is probably not everybody else's form of busy, but it keeps me happy and out of trouble (I just read about other people's trouble)

  8. Buy a dishwasher, then you can stock the dirty dishes for a whole week and then you push the button ! Or let Oswin clean the dishes, Arthur does !


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