Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The reveal

I had found the perfect dress-up dress to wear to the Tide Games this year. Only problem was the size: the largest girl size doesn't really fit that well on a woman with a bit more size than the average girl. So, I needed to adjust it somewhat. Tried with the sewing machine, failed and had to do it all by hand. Quite a bit of work, especially since I started it the night before we were due to leave. 

Seine is the (local) Norwegian word for either late or slow.
In my case it meant slow, as in slow up a mountain.
I looked fabulous though. Well, perhaps not fabulous, but pretty. Perhaps not even pretty, but I definitely got noticed. That's what you get when you dress up in bright (nearly fluorescent) pink! I only had the skirt though, so the rest was a mish-mash of things. My normal walking shoes, so I could be comfy all day long. Pink leggings, just in case I needed to run and/or get upside down. Or as the case turned out to be: use a toilet! Just drop the skirt and I am still decent. The t-shirt was supplied and then the hat.

Edgar wearing my hat
Of course the hat was brilliant as well. It wasn't pink as some of the others were, but ordinary dull brown. Which I had fiddled with somewhat by using pink ribbons and pink and purple stick-on thingies. But, as every cowboy knows: a cowboy ain't a cowboy without a horse! I don't know any horses. And showing up with a real life horse for our trip to Voss (nearly 5 hours on the bus) was not something I was willing to do. But...

There was an other option though. One of those toy horses. Well, a horse's head on a stick to be precise. When shaken it would make the noise of clattering hooves. Or a whinny or a pppfffffrrrrrtttt. It was brilliant. I called him Edgar, even though he was pink. And where last year they made a prize especially for my hat (I was the only one wearing one then, this year there were lots of hats), this year they made a prize especially for Edgar. Or the horse from Haugesund. Three kilos of chocolate! Now I have to think of something really good for next year!

The open class nominees. The guy on the left won. 
In an aside: I didn't win the open class of the Gold Bus, the one I had been nominated for. But chocolate is good as well!


  1. You certainly don't suffer from a lack of creativity and imagination ! The hat and the horse, wonderful ! Great ideas !

  2. Looks great as well as the dress up outfit. Chocolate is always good!

  3. Hari OM
    Bright as bright can be...but wait...a real live horsey could have been ridden to the venue. Mind you, that might have resulted in you flogging a dead horse... Edgar was the better option after all! YAM xx

    1. Ehm, a real life horsey would have been a bit much I think. For starters: it wouldn't fit on the bus!! And Edgar didn't mind one bit to be kept upside down the whole trip!!

  4. Well that's a nice pot of gold to win! You look fantastic, love the outfit......

  5. I still love your hair short like that. It looks so good on you.

  6. Congratulations! There's nothing wrong with winning a little chocolate! (or in your case, a lot of chocolate!)


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