Thursday, 19 June 2014

Alba (or Scotland) III

After my day in Glasgow I was in dire need of some peace and quiet. No hustle and bustle of loads of traffic and people, no huge amounts of brick and cement. I wanted nature. And a stately home. Yamini told me about the Island of Bute, not too far from where she lived and the big house on that island. So, I set off at a decent time to make my way to Bute.

One thing I always find very funny/annoying (equal measures really) is the fact that everything is labeled and posted. It was a single track road, but about every two to three miles there would be a sign saying it was a single track road. There were plenty of overtaking places and most had a sign saying that it was an overtaking place! Mad I tell you, mad! 

After about an hour's drive I made it to the ferry. I waited for longer than I was actually on the ferry: the ferry is about five minutes, including drive on and drive off! And expensive as well. I thought Norway was expensive, but I pay the same for a ferry here and that takes up to half an hour to cross. Anyway...

Bute is quite a simple island. Follow the road and you're bound to get to somewhere. I wasn't sure where the house I wanted to visit was, but figured that I would see a sign at some point. Which I did. Right before the entrance to the estate. 

Mount Stuart has been in the family for centuries and is still being used as well. Not only for weddings, but privately as well. They were setting up for a wedding in the big hall and chapel, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any photos. Which was such a shame, because there were so many beautiful and quirky things in the house. 

I think the only way to be able to take photos of the inside were either to get married there and paying an extraordinary amount for the privilege or to hook up with the owner. Alas, he was not in need of a Dutch woman currently living in Norway; he is already married. Ah well, can't win 'm all I guess!

The way to see the house (without photos) is by doing a tour. And we had a great guide. He was human, he was funny and he didn't know everything. If I am in the neighbourhood of Mount Stuart again, I would love to do the 'behind the scenes' tour (still without photos), which is about three hours and shows a lot more of the house. But, seeing the drawing room, one of four(!) libraries, the chapel, some bedrooms and some bathrooms was already fantastic. 

There was a big park around the house, which was mostly filled with trees. There was a Wee Garden, which was filled with huge plants. Perhaps the 'wee' on Bute means something different than the 'wee' in the rest of Scotland?

I had thought of visiting an old castle as well, but in the end I used up all my time on Mount Stuart itself. And well worth it too. When I came back to Yamini's place that evening, I had plenty to tell and show! Now, if only I could get some photos of the inside...


  1. Oh, to see the the Highlands and the Islands. At least you've seen one of the islands. How lovely.
    Too bad the Master of Mount Stuart (surely a Stuart himself?) wasn't in need of a lovely Dutch wife.
    Luv, K

  2. The proscriptions against photography drive me crazy.

  3. I would love to visit Scotland. Your photography is making it even more enticing!

  4. OMG, I want to live there.....that place is amazing and so big! Glad you got to tour it.


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