Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Alba (or Scotland) II

My second full day in Scotland would be spent on my own. Yamini needed to do some work, so I made my way on my own to the big city. The ferry and then the train took me right to the heart of the city.

St Andrews in the Square
I knew there was a stop for the hop on-hop off bus close to the trainstation, but I never saw it, so I started walking. Until I saw a bookshop that was. Which always attracts me! I came out with only seven books.

I kept walking, still looking for the bus. Nowhere! I couldn't find it anywhere! Very grrrr. In the end I took an ordinary bus and asked the driver. Some passengers had overheard me as well and when they got off, I needed to get off. And there it was: the big red double decker bus that would show me the sights of Glasgow!

A newer addition to Glasgow, this is Italia
completely made of plastic from credit cards and the like!
Douglas was extra (the pigeon on top)
Of course the first thing the bus did, was turn in those streets where I had been looking in vain to find a stop! How annoying. But I was on the bus and the tour was nice. 

There was a proper guide instead of those earplugs and he was talking all the time. A bit of history, a bit of new, a bit of everything. After I had done the whole tour, I stayed on, since I now knew where I wanted to go! The People's Palace.

The fountain in front of the People's Palace
The People's Palace is situated in one of the 70 parks in Glasgow and it's a museum of the history of Glasgow. Not with bones from prehistoric times, but with stories and photos and items of the more recent history of the city. 

The People's Palace
It wasn't very big, but when the museum was closing at 5pm, I hadn't seen everything yet. I then took the bus back to the trainstation and went back home. I had seen enough brick and mortar and concrete and people for one day!

I think this was the back of a museum


  1. Hari Om
    Books, buses and babes with birds... great day out then! YAM xx

  2. There can't be too many police needed if they can all fit into that blue police station. lol

  3. This reminds me of the day my family went to London, and I stayed in Oxford and took the Oxford tour twice.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Glasgow some day because Grandpa Davies came from one of the Glasgow suburbs.
    I sure had to laugh at your "only seven books"! I understand completely.
    Luv, K

  4. That has to be the smallest police station ever. Such beautiful buildings.

    1. It's not a police station. It was used as a telephone box and as a detaining box. The telephone is situated at the outside and could be used by the public as well. And then the inside was used to keep the bad people safe until the police arrived. The reason I took a photo of it is of course Doctor Who who travels around in his time and space machine that looks like a police box.

  5. Glad you eventually found the bus. Interesting statue! I love the paintings on the wall and the buildings are awesome. I definitely would like to visit Glasgow.


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