Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On the road

En route from Edmonton to Airdrie.
Most of the route was filled with sunshine!
The bed was as comfortable as I thought it would be, but even that didn't help me to have more than 6 hours sleep. However, I felt a lot better than yesterday and wasn't too worried about it. Perhaps tonight another early night and I will be on top form again.

As I was driving up to Airdrie (near Calgary) today I needed to pick up the car. But I didn't read the directions my agent had given me until after I arrived in Airdrie and managed to turn a 15-minute walk into an hour. It was nice weather though, so it wasn't too bad. I had the choice between big bigger and biggest and decided to be modest (as always of course) and go for the ordinary car and not take some huge monster truck out onto the road! My suitcase was rattling about in the boot as it was...

After filling the car up with petrol, which turned out to be a case of "please sir can you help me: what petrol do I need? (there were three different types!)" I made my way down to Airdrie where I arrived about an hour ago. I am meeting Kay here, together with her dog Lindy and we will be staying here for two nights together while she will act as my chauffeur, tourguide and of course friend during the next two days. She is taking me to the Rocky Mountains tomorrow and Drumheller the day after. And then I will stay on in this hotel for a few nights more to give me the opportunity to see a bit of Calgary and hopefully meet up with some immigrants I know from blogs and facebook.

Well, that's it for now. More tomorrow!


  1. Hehe ! that sounds funny to ask which kind of petrol you would need especially seen your profession !
    Finally you arrived well, it will probably take another day to feel "normal" again. Give a hug to Kay from me, how wonderful that she can show you around !!
    Blogging indeed is a wonderful invention !!

  2. Drumheller and The Rockies. That's how we spent our first two days in Calgary 11 years ago. We did it in that order though. But then we couldn't stop going back to the mountains again and again.

  3. How nice that you will be meeting up with some blog friends. Enjoy your time!


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