Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Gougane Barra, Ireland
No, I haven't been too busy preparing for my upcoming trip. I have however been quite busy working. Three days of hither/thither, one bad night at a really nice hotel and two more days of school runs. And in the mean time I had to prepare for my upcoming trip. Which wasn't easy. But I know have most things more or less sorted.

The hotels are sorted. The car will be sorted this week. Most of the paperwork is sorted, only a few copies remain to be made. Tomorrow I will go for a haircut and dye-job again and I will have to go to the pet shop to try and find a catsitter for a week, since my neighbour has decided she wants to have a life too and can only look after my monsters for one week! Her timing couldn't be worse (insert smiley here)!

Five more nights and I'm off to the other side of the world. Well, in my view anyway, since I've never been further west than Ireland. I'm getting really excited now...


  1. I've never been to Ireland, so maybe we're even.
    Getting excited at this end, too. Even Lindy is, she's looking out the window, staring at Dick's car.
    Well, she is, but she's watching for Dick to come home from refereeing football, and he took my car. Lindy has been told about our trip to Banff and Lake Louise but she doesn't believe it yet.
    Problem here is, her groomer doesn't answer our messages, so we think she's away, and I'll have to find another groomer. This dog needs a bath before she stays in a hotel.
    See you soon.
    Luv — Kay and Lindy

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Wow it's approaching ! Hope you find a nice catsitter.
    It's so nice that you will meet Kay again and this time on the other side, lol ! I am curious to follow your trip !

  3. All the best in your preparations.

  4. Glad that your getting things ready. This is an exciting venture for you and I wish you all the best. Hope it runs smoothly and you have a wonderful time. I will be thinking of you and looking forward to your posts.


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