Monday, 24 November 2008


Nearly a week has gone by again. It all goes so quickly and sometimes I wonder where the days have gone. And most importantly: what I have been doing with those days.
I worked most of the days. On Thursday it was a whole day of ferrying kids back and forth between school and swimming pool/sportscenter. Then on Friday I had to pick up all the staff and their partners from a building company in the north and take them to Rotterdam and The Hague. First a boattrip through the harbour in Rotterdam. Unfortunately it was cut short due to the atrocious weather. On our way there a lorry had tilted over due to the heavy winds and was covering the complete motorway, blocking all traffic. And even though it was Friday morning, normally the quietest morning of the week traffic wise, I never noticed it! We were well and truly stuck and I even turned the engine off for nearly half an hour!!! After that it moved again, but since four lanes had to go into one.... You get the drift! We were over an hour late in Rotterdam.

After Rotterdam I had to take them to some swanky hotel in The Hague. I dropped them off and then drove to a not so swanky hotel just outside The Hague. Mind you, it was quiet, so I was happy enough. I even managed to visit my brother and his family for a couple of hours.

The next morning I picked the group up again and drove them home. So, that was my weekend. Quite an easy weekend even if the weather was bad...

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