Thursday, 18 September 2014

The story continued

What about those scratches though? Those scratches that Oswin had finally (after her fourth bout of water) had decided to give me. Two long ones on my chest and a couple of shorter ones on my left shoulder where she had just attached herself, trying to get away from the water in any way possible. 

I am used to being scratched by cats. I have been scratched by every single one I ever owned. It's part of being a slave to a cat. But these scratches were a bit different. Because these scratches were made right after she had become intimately aquainted with cow faeces. Cow faeces that probably contained all sorts of weird and definitely not wonderful stuff. 

So, after my shift today, I made my way to the 'legevakt' or emergency doctor's help. I told my story and they agreed with me: it might be handy to get a tetanus shot. Especially since the last time I had had one, was in November of 1991, right before my move to France! Out of date perhaps?

I didn't have to wait long, told the whole story again and then I got the shot in the arm. Now I just have to watch out for pussy (as in the yucky yellow liquid) scratches and fever. Other than that: I am sorted!

PS: It's a good thing this is not smell-o-blog, because even though her bottom and tail now smell like apple shampoo, her head still smells like shit, which really is a bit wrong way round to be honest. She has forgiven me though and was drooling all over me last night. 


  1. Cat scratches can be dangerous, even if they haven't been lolling in the doodoo. BTW cats are supposed to be immune form doodoo. It's for dogs only.

  2. How dare you giving Oswin a bath ! Luckily you survived. I tried it once with Arthur after he had worked under a car and was full of oil and looked black instead white, but I only managed to put him in the sink, when he scratched me (I also had to get a shot) and disappeared like a flash outside. He managed to clean himself !

  3. Hari Om
    ...must admit I wondered how you managed if you had got through all that unscathed! Better safe than sorry right enough. Glad you are forgiven too. YAM xx

  4. And I never thought about it until the next day! Very clever of me...


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