Thursday, 26 June 2014

At night in Norway

Yes, there is room for a mini-bus between my home and the road.
That's it!!
A couple of weeks ago I hadn't gone to bed yet at about 10.30pm when there was a weird rumbling noise outside. At first I thought it was a tractor, but when I got up to have a look, the vehicle had passed. Half an hour later it came back. This time I did catch a look. Making me none the wiser. Yes, it was a lorry and it drove slowly and it was spraying something. But I couldn't make out what. The following morning I found that he hadn't sprayed anti-weed stuff (as my idea was), but the lines on the road. 

A couple of nights ago, as I was in blissful slumberland, I woke up to a strange rumbling noise outside. It sounded like a tractor, but I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. It being about 2am and all. Half an hour later I was woken up again: the same rumbling noise. When I drove to work in the morning, I realised it had been a tractor and it had been removing the weeds at the side of the road. Along with grass and whatever else happened to be growing on the verge of the road.

This morning, as I was in blissful slumberland, I woke up from a single miaow. Oswin apparently wanted some attention. At 2am! Determined not to give in, I snuggled in my bed again, but to no avail, since pretty soon the leg started playing up again. So, I got up around 3am, gave Oswin a few cuddles and a scold (which she underwent with perfect indifference I hasten to add) and went downstairs. I noticed the sky outside and grabbed my camera to take a photo of it. 

Living in a country that is quite high up on the map of the world, daylight during the summer lasts quite long. As a matter of fact, while I was on holiday in Scotland a few weeks ago, it was quite strange to me that the sun set so early. It being dark around 11pm! 

Facing North/East
I live at 59 degrees North. Meaning about Orkney level (north of Scotland), Alaska, Northern British Columbia/Manitoba/Quebec in Canada, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg and everything North of that line. Which means that in summer, it doesn't go dark dark. If there is quite some cloud covering, it will go dark blue at best, but when it is a clear night (like last night): see photo taken around 3am! 

Perhaps that is the reason why all sorts of people work alongside the road in the middle of the night. Because it certainly can't have anything to do with the traffic. There is hardly any! Unless you count escapee sheep and cattle!


  1. Escapee sheep and cattle, PLUS the guys doing white lines and weed spraying...not a recipe for a restful night. Throw Oswin into the mix and you might as well be up taking night photos. But the look on Oswin's face in that photo is priceless. A perfect cat frown/scowl. I love it.
    Hugs, K

  2. Hari Om
    Ohmigosh, I was up at 3am this morning and looking out the kitchen window at a scene just like that, albeit with a few more cloudy things... Oswin is gorgeous. Seems she has got used to you checking things out at 2am though!!!... did you swap the car for a campervan though??? YAM xx

    1. No, that was actually a 'take your work home' vehicle. It is one of the minibuses from the company, since I had to do a little trip later the same evening I took that photo.

    2. ...oh very nice - would make a good dormobile - if you were so inclined! Yxx

  3. The low light up there is so great for photography -- not that I would know from personal experience.

  4. What a bummer to be awakened by work in the middle of night or at least time you are supposed to be sleeping.

  5. That is really the photo taken at 3 am. Looks like the guy did a good job with the lines. Hope your getting a better nights sleep!


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