Monday, 16 June 2014

Alba (or Scotland) I

I will just skip over the first day since it mainly involved delayed planes and rain. I will hop on to day two. A day Yamini and I spent together. Now, since Yamini doesn't have a car and I had rented one, we decided that instead of going to Glasgow, we were going to go down the country and see some of that. Leaving Glasgow for another day. 

We drove, we stopped, we drove some more, we stopped again and then we drove some more. Before we stopped for lunch in Invereray. My sister may remember that place, since that is where the gaol was that we visited all those years ago. We didn't visit the gaol. We did however have a fantastic meal of fish and chips. Yum yum, really good. Fingerlickingly good! After that we strolled through the town and I walked up to the bridge to take some photos of Invereray Castle. 

After our lunch and our stroll we continued on our way. Ten minutes later we stopped again. An old farming settlement had been turned into a little museum and we both agreed that would be a good stop. We were not wrong. All those little houses and cottages and especially the contents of the buildings. I got excited over a lovely gramophone, Yamini got even more excited about a sink. Just an ordinary sink. 

The settlement had been home to crofters and cottars, small farmers that would rent the land and grow enough to feed their own family. It was interesting to see how they had lived. Some houses were one-room dwellings with hardly any furniture, some were used for animal and equipment only and then there were some that had been a bit more fancy. Seperate living area and kitchen, sewing machine, baby's cradle, gramophone. And of course the famous sink. 

When we felt we had seen everything, we made our way back to the entrance for a drink and a bit of cake. We felt we had deserved that! Since it was already after 5pm when we were done in the museum we made our way back home. Although we drove past it and continued towards Toward Lighthouse and some gatehouse or other which was situated even further. 

Lovely photos, lovely weather, lovely company, lovely day. 


  1. Hari Om
    They are, it was, it was and it was!!! (That sink was special I tells ya...) YAM xx

  2. Just looked at all of your photos ! I loved the Scottish landscape so much, it's so beautiful !

  3. Oh, I'm so pleased you enjoyed the Scottish scenery, and had a good time with Yam.
    I've never been to western Scotland (except Prestwick, the Glasgow airport) but I enjoyed Edinburgh and want so much to see the rest of the country. We were on our way from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, where Grandma Davies was from, when my brothers were sidetracked by the thought of playing golf in St. Andrews. They were refused because they didn't carry the right credentials, LOL, and we spent so much time there we had to turn around without getting to Aberdeen.
    Do you have a photo of that sink Yamini got so excited about? I must admit I'm very curious.
    Take care.
    Luv, K

  4. Sinks are a big deal. I remember when Daddy put in running water in the kitchen and a real sink. So glad you have been able to spend time with Yamini.

  5. Beautiful castle and countryside. Lunch sounds awesome too! I love the shot of the lighthouse. So how do you know Yamini?


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