Thursday, 8 December 2011

Did I tell you?

I am learning Norwegian and at the moment I have a vocabulary of about 400 words and phrases. I know what a 'bil' is (car), I know how to count to a hundred, although it does take some time to get the Norwegian answer to Norwegian sums and I am about to learn about verbs and their perfect tense and the past tense and the other tense that uses to have. And I can tell you: it's not easy!

So far, the words I have learnt (with a few exceptions) have something to do with either English, German or Dutch and sometimes it's completely alien. And then there are verbs. Those dreaded verbs. And having to learn about those tenses is in some cases the complete opposite to Dutch.

So, today I set myself a task. Every single verb I should know by now I had to write down the present, past and past perfect (is that it?). The first page was more red lines than any other colour, by page two I had figured I was doing it all wrong and went with my gut. By that time the red became less and less.

To prove to you that I have learnt something more than 'God Jul' and takk (which means thanks): here's a little story about me:

Jeg heter Mara et jeg bor i Nederland. Også har jeg bodd i Frankrike, Italia og England. Jeg er førti år. Jeg har to katter som heter Wuppie og Linette.

Easy! Right?


  1. I could reasonably follow it. :D

  2. Well I went over to my google translate to see what you said.
    OMG that is just so crazy. I don't think I could ever learn that!

  3. What's your method? Computer software?

  4. I know your cat is in there somewhere, right? No? I say, if you can learn Norwegian, you are way smarter than I am!

  5. Why do you learn this language which nobody speaks besides in Norway ? They all speak English anyway, how could they travel otherwise ?
    As we say : Bon courage !!

  6. Good for you! Soon you'll be swearing in Norwegian.
    Are you learnig Norwegian, because you want to go there instead of Canada?

  7. En dan moet je ook nog al die alt lettertjes zien te vinden. Die met streepjes erdoor en o-tjes erboven.

    Goed gedaan! Ik kon het, met mijn talenknobbeltje, woord voor woord volgen. Geloof ik ;-)

  8. Jaaa! Ik volgde het ook! Maar ja, al die jaren vakantie in Denemarken helpen absoluut! Ga zo door! Als ik niet meer studeer voor juf, doe ik wellicht wel mee. Lijkt me leuk.

  9. Very well done. I don't know any Norwegian but I know the names of your cats!
    Luv, K
    Feliz Navidad from me
    Joyeux Noel from Dick
    Woof and Snore from Lindy


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