Sunday, 4 September 2011


When I was scanning old negatives last week, I found some negatives that most certainly didn't belong to me: for a start I didn't have a clue who the people in it were. But there were two photos on that little strip that I did like and actually wanted, because I had never seen a photo like them.

As you may know I worked on Sicily (a lifetime ago) and did a lot of things: I drove a little electric train and tamed tigers, but I did a lot more as well: I was in shows, both in and out of the water (more on that later), I looked after children from 8am to 10pm and I entertained the guests. When any guests would arrive from the airport of Catania, we GO's (Gentle Organisers) had to welcome them by being happy and bubbly and friendly. We had to clap to a certain song that would sometimes play for over half an hour! Needless to say that song brings back so many memories whenever I hear it. I used to hate that song for a long time: overexposure will do that, but now it's the memories that take over and wondering what happened to everybody!

Anyway, I found those two photos and I had a real close look at them. I think I am in the second photo, somewhere on the right, chatting to my colleagues and clapping when any of the GM's (Gentle Members) arrived. And if you want to know what great song it was that got us so happy and bubbly (Yeah right), it was Volare! Originally by Domenico Modugno and sung at the 1958 Eurovision Song Contest, where it came in third! The version I've included is the one most probably used and is done by the Gipsy Kings.

PS: I am definitely in the second photo: I am the 6th person from the right, wearing the white t-shirt and the black shorts.


  1. I have always hated that song, whoever sings it, and there's no way I would be clapping happily to it - well, perhaps for a generous fee;-)

  2. I loved that song when Dean Martin sang it. He had the sexiest voice.
    I enlarged the photo and found you, right where you said you would be.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I knew the song but when Kay said Dean Martin then I knew it for sure because I loved Dean Martin.
    Fun pictures and I love hearing about the things you did.

  4. Ah, you have been a GO in Sicily ?? How nice, I would have loved to do this, but it didn't exist at that time, people stayed in their countries, had no money to travel far. Volare brings back lots of souvenirs to me too !
    I couldn't recognize you neither right or left, it's too small.

  5. I only remember the Dean Martin version.


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