Thursday, 29 September 2011

I need to get myself a dog!

One of the many freight trains we saw
Even though it was quite chilly today and we even had some rain en route, it was absolutely gorgeous in the mountains. Our first stop was a little lake on our way to Banff, where Lindy (who is Kay's dog) was able to roam about a bit. After that we drove on to Banff where we had another stop and a little walk around a government building with a nice garden. But the main stop was Lake Louise. A tiny village with a massive hotel on the side of a nice turquoisy lake with a glacier.

Getting married on the side of a very chilly Lake Louise!

Kay had warned me this morning that it might be cold today, so I had put on a nice thick sweater and I was glad I had listened! Because it was quite chilly in the mountains, especially near that glacier! I would have loved to put on gloves, but since they are at home in the Netherlands, that of course was out of the question. After a lovely walk and a lot of photos, we made our way back to the car and drove back to Banff for a bit of (belated) lunch.

Lake Louise with Lindy

And if you're wondering why I need to get myself a dog (a statement my monsters of course will not agree with on any level): I tended to hold the leash to Lindy for quite a bit and the attention I got from a lot of people was just incredible! Old people and young people and people in between would come up and pet or take photographs or ask questions about her. Of course the attention was mainly aimed at Lindy, but still...

The only moose or elk or deer that I saw!

Now, Kay had promised me(!) wildlife on the way. And we did see some as well. A small pack of dogs crossed the road at one point. And I saw a chipmunk crossing the path at Lake Louise. But the best animal I saw was a moose. Or an elk. Or perhaps it was a deer. Because I basically saw its antlers and that was it. As we were driving along Highway 1 we saw a man stand up on the side railing/barrier taking photos. We of course wondered what he was taking a photo of and when we passed him, I could see the head of a large animal and a large set of antlers. Unfortunately we were too fast at that point and there were some vehicles quite close, so we couldn't stop. Then a while later I saw a sign that said 'watch out for wild life'. I took a photo of it and it turned out to be the French version. Which said: drive with care...


  1. Lake Louise is an incredible sight. I guess you didn't walk up to Mirror Lake. It was quite a walk, and I couldn't do it now.

  2. what pretty pictures

  3. While you are freezing in a beautiful landscape and attracting attention thanks to Lindy, I melt here in 28°!! Summer finally moved in !
    I remember the only moose I saw in the States was a cow ! (I was quiet far away)

  4. So glad you got to see some deer the next day or I would have felt guilty forever, and Lindy would have pouted (you know how well she pouts, LOL).
    — K


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