Saturday 16 June 2018

Telling a bit more

Going down into the caves
Well, as you know I have been busy lately. Mainly due to the fact that once they got me on that coach, they didn't want to stop and I have been driving the larger coaches now for a few weeks. I have been doing the Glasgow Express quite often, to the degree where I get recognised when entering the truckers lounge! In fact, this week I will be doing that journey four times! 

But, it hasn't been all work. My sister and I had a lovely day out a few weeks ago, where we visited some caves. We had hoped to use a little boat to get into the caves, but the water was too high due to heavy rain the night before, so we had to walk. It was still very beautiful.

A natural path made through the rocks by water
After that we drove up to Belleek Pottery. I love small vases and I wanted to see whether there was any to add to my collection. Unfortunately they were all too big to my taste, but my sister did come away with one. Then we had a lovely scenic route home. 

I also found out that where Norway 'works', Northern Ireland doesn't. Norway has a system that works very easy. You have your own personal number and that can be used to do most things. Open a bank account? Done. Taxes? Done. Sell your car? Done. And I don't mean having to wait for three working days for it to be done, it's done in an instant.

Just a service ladder, it didn't lead anywhere
I had opened a bank account here in NI, but I also wanted a savings account. I used the same bank, which should mean my information was on file (it was, sort of), yet I had to give the exact same information as I had to before! Plus a whole lot more. How much was I to put into my savings account? Where would the money come from? The what???

Well, I struggled through those 45 minutes and we were finally done. Although I did NOT have my account number yet, that would take a couple of days. I now have to manually add my savings account to my online banking! They blame it on new rules and such, not sure I agree, since Norway has to adhere to the same rules. Anyway. It's done now, I have the number and I can now start saving for a rainy day. 

Atlantis. Well, it was the reflection of the stalagtites in the the still water
On Tuesday I will be visiting my new place and then hopefully after that I will be able to move in. It would be so good not having to drive half an hour to my sister after a long shift. Instead, it is just a five minute ride and I can jump straight into bed. Bliss....


  1. Hari om
    ...but where are those caves? :-) good to know the work is rolling though. YAM xx

  2. Crikey ..... I'm glad you had a day off. You've been working awful hard. Mum would freak out if she went into those caves. She's a worry wart about things like that. She'll go in but she can't get out quick enough no matter how beautiful things are.

    1. I have never minded caves that much. Mind you, I wouldn't want to be left alone in them without a light though!!!

  3. It's seems as though they are working you hard. Sometimes I wonder if the bosses expect more of you in English-speaking countries. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts as time unfolds. It's just a wonder; I don't know.

  4. I bet those caves were amazing! Glad you're doing well at your job!

  5. Five minutes, that's going to be awesome. Glad you got out for some fun with your sister.

  6. Time off is a good thing! And your Sis to go with on little adventures is even better.


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