Monday, 26 February 2018

Brom goes to Mourne


The first thing we did on Saturday was some errands, but after that we took the car to go for a lovely drive around the Mourne Mountains. We saw Ireland, the sea, sheep and mountains. Plus a lot more. So, I will show you some photos of where we were.

Mara tried to take a photo of one of the mountains in the Mourne Mountains while we were driving, but there was always something in front of it, like a hedge or a house or a gorse bush...

Fortunately one of her next shots was perfect. This was taken on one of the loops off the main route.

Once we had gotten back on to the main route (the Mourne Coastal Route), we had a little stop for some necessary stuff and then for a little walk and some photos. Right by the sea. The photo at the top and this one were both taken there. 

Imagine having to scramble up there with your smuggle-wares...
It was called the Bloody Bridge stop and there were several things happening there. It was a smugglers' area, there was someone escaping with a basket of eggs and there was (a bit higher up in the mountains) the Bloody Bridge. We only saw it in the far distance, but Mara's camera isn't that good and the weather was okay, but not very clear either. 

After that stop we decided to head for home. But only a short way in, we saw a sign which we decided to follow. We got to a Dolmen, which is like a megalithic grave, constructed of three or four upright stones and a large capstone on top. Then stones and earth would be piled all around to make it secure. 

The Dolmen we saw was a lovely example. It wasn't big and we didn't find out how many people had been buried there, but it was a lovely, albeit cold and windy place to be buried.
That's Gera at the entrance, crouched down for the photo.
Then we really were going to go home, but we saw yet another sign. So, off route we went again! This time it was something old again: the Finnis Souterrain. Basically it was like a man-made cave, but not to live in. It was probably used to store special things in, or in times of war to hide in. 

That's us in the entrance, see how low Mara sits? Her head was touching the ceiling!
It was really really low! Mara had to crouch to get in and could not get upright once in. She had to bend at the waist or crouch and crawl. It was kind of spooky, but we did get some way in, before we returned.

How come you get to drive and we have to walk???
But then it really was time to head home again, where we got in time to make dinner. Another good day!


  1. Hari OM
    OMD Brom, you and Mouse and Mara and Gera got see quite a lot of things on your outing! Interesting and pretty and atmospheric and petite!!! Very nice. Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Did the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea?

  3. It sure looks like you all had a very adventurous day.

  4. What a lovely sightseeing adventure!

  5. Your Mum and Auntie take you on the best adventures!

  6. What a great day you had! There is no way I could crouch down and crawl....


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