Monday, 20 June 2016

Sunday afternoon

When I first started the swimming for the triathlon, my main problem was my breathing. Trying to breathe in under water is apparently not good for a human being. So, I needed a bit of training. Which I had plenty of last week.

But on Sunday afternoon I made my way over to a colleague's place for some more training. One that would hopefully help me even more. And it didn't disappoint at all. She told me to try and keep my head as low as possible and I tried to do that. It actually worked. We then swam all the way to the rocks on the other side of the lake, which must be close to 200 meters away. 

I didn't do it in one go. I had to stop twice because I was swallowing mouthfuls of water, but I made it to the other side. And then we had to swim back of course. She was willing to get a boat and row over to get me, but I felt fit enough to swim. So, I swam. 

Once out of the water, we changed in proper clothes, I covered my very sunburnt arms with a towel and we had strawberries and cream and chatted and chatted. All in this lovely place, not disturbed by a single siren, car or people. 

There are many ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. This was one of the better ones!!


  1. You are really into this training now, Mara. Such a great job!

    1. But I had to cry no today. Soo tired after a bad night due to the sunburn, a lot of insect bites and an 11-hour shift today, so it will be pizza and telly for me today instead of swimming in the pouring rain!

  2. Hari om
    No doubt about it! Brava!!! YAM xx

  3. Wow, what a trooper! Take care tonight for sure as the big H might return.

  4. Looks like a pleasant place on a pleasant day with pleasant strawberries. We are enjoying our first batch as of yesterday.


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