Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The slippery slope

Oil and water, speed and obstacles? No chance!
I had forgotten all about it: the slippery course I was due to take on Monday. Fortunately I saw it in time and managed to get on it. 

Working as a busdriver in Norway can be difficult at times. Especially during the winter months, when there may be snow and/or ice. It could get slippery. Of course I have driven in all sorts of weather conditions, but not so much on slippery surfaces. And it's not part of the Dutch curriculum either. Concerning driver's licence I mean.

So, when the opportunity arose to do some light training, I was in. And last night was that opportunity. First we got a bit of light theoretical training. Then we saw how much we would weigh at collision speed (several tons in my case, if driving over 80km/50mph). And I was asked to get in a lovely driver's seat with a seat belt. I was then pelted down a slope and came to a very abrupt halt. It might have been only 7km or 4 miles an hour, but I can still feel it today. Imagine what it would do at higher speed!

But we gave it a go!
But then the main event. There were two to three on every bus and off we went. We started off slow and everybody managed to stop. But we had to drive faster and faster and after a while they put some obstacles in our way as well. Nothing major and at low speed we managed to avoid those, but the higher the speed got, the deader the traffic cones were!

It was great fun, but I learned a great deal as well. When the roads do get slippery: slow down! Anything over 50km or 30 miles an hour is too much! Especially if you have to swerve to avoid something. 


  1. Hari OM
    Fabulous fun learning is the most impressive I always say! Timely too, as clearly the winter draws on apace. As you will see soon, I have special interest in your post today... YAM xx

  2. Having lived in Minnesota and Canada for many years I know all about driving in icy weather. No fun especially in a lot of traffic.

  3. I have visited a ditch or two in my years of driving on ice and snow in Missouri. Best of wishes on the winter roads.

  4. Around here, when I am going slowly due to winter weather conditions, buses often zip past me at a fair speed. I guess they can certainly 'hold the road' as long as nothing bad happens.

  5. I'm glad you took the training. Good to know for yourself and for the passengers you have. Safety must come first!


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