Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I got it!

The back of the house
As you may have gathered from reading my blog, I do actually quite like winter and I especially like snow. I just love how everything becomes pretty and nice and even. There has been quite a bit of snow in my part of the world, although where I live most of it had melted. 

The front of the house
There were however several places close by that had lots of snow and I knew there would be several great photo opportunities to be had. Since I had only a short shift yesterday, I decided to go to one of my favourite look-out spots and take photos from there. 

Nope, not liking that white stuff
But then... the snow started. And stopped. And started again. And it just kept snowing. Knowing that I would have to drive uphill on a road that was most likely not the cleanest of roads, I decided against driving there and instead go home. Since it was snowing anyway...

Just to please Mara!
Miss Oswin took one look outside and decided that was not for her. Although when I opened the door again she shot out and was probably quite surprised by the snow. I did manage to take some really nice photos before she wanted to go in again (about two minutes). Showing off her Norwegian Forest Cat heritage in all its glory!

The terrible snowman. It felt like it anyway
I had by then bundled up warm and put on my sturdiest walking shoes. I was going for my lap. It wasn't so much hard going, but it wasn't easy either. I hadn't wanted to take my usual camera (either of them) with me, since it would only get wet. Unless I hid it in my coat, which would mean opening up my coat every time! I did however take my iPod with me and that has a photo option as well. 

Look closely, there is a church in this photo!
My walk was nice and I was quite chuffed with myself for venturing out. And by the time I got back, all the tracks I had made in the garden while taking photos of Miss Oswin were covered already! Mad I tell you! The snow isn't to last though. Apparently from the weekend onwards we are expecting temperatures to go into the plus again. 

My favourite photo from my walk


  1. Snow can make a very pretty scene butts, its no funs getting wet cold paws is it Oswin?
    Drive safely....do the busses still run when you haf that much snow?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Hari OM
    Wow - winter wonderland! LOVE that selfie shot with the burst of orange... YAM xx

    1. I put it on my head this morning and found it still wet! Had to put an ordinary cream one on. Not happy with that. Hopefully the orange one will be dry tomorrow again though.

  3. Winter photography is so problematic. The best shots are during a snowfall or shortly thereafter, but that's when the roads are at their worst. Then it gets cold, and that's not fun either.

    I love cats, but they are so dumb and can't remember from one minute to the next what the weather is like out there.

  4. Your home looks so cozy. I enjoy your take on the roads because of your experience driving such a large vehicle.

    1. The road I live on can get quite slippery with snow and even with spiked tires, I have to go easy. So I was not going to put anything at risk just for a few photos and drive somewhere I know would be difficult.

  5. We will GLADLY give you ALL the Snow and COLD and WET that We get... We don't LIKE it... We think Miss Oswin is Totally correct... stay INSIDE until SPRING.

  6. You have more snow than we thought!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I didn't expect that much either, so I was pleasantly surprised.

  7. Lovely photos with the pops of color. Of course Miss O was splendid!

  8. Crikey ...... so beautiful. Your favourite photo from your walk is Mum's favourite too.


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