Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Photo taken at the Open Air Museum in Arnhem
It's quiet in my home. I don't have the radio on, Wuppie stopped miaowing, for a few minutes anyway and even outside the only thing you can hear is the leaves rustling. And then there are the beeps. In my home. I haven't got a clue what produces those beeps, but I can hear them. I know the washing machine and the dryer are both off and the only other electrical thing I've got upstairs is the hot water boiler/heating thingy. Which probably beeps just to annoy me! It sounds like morse code! Perhaps there's a garden gnome that got stuck and is looking for help, but since I don't read morse (yes I know)...

Thinking of garden gnomes: did you ever see the film Amélie? A fantastic French film that was a world wide hit a few years ago. And she helped her father by sending his garden gnome all over the world. If the garden gnome could do it: so could he.

I'm rambling about things now and nothing sensible comes out. So, I'll stop.


  1. We have those mysterious beeps too. I blame my husband's blackberry-type thing.I think he sets the alarm when he's in a different time zone and then forgets about it and since he does not hear high sounds well he doesn't hear the beeps anyway!

  2. My neighbor on the other side of the street has a whole collection sitting in his front yard. Actually it's not him but his 16 year old son who collects them. Isn't that cute ? while others smoke shit, he tiedies up his gnomes.
    I am melting today imagine we have 38 °C and not a little blow of air ! If you don't see any post from me tomorrow, then there is only grease, bones and hairs left from me !

  3. Have you got fire alarms or carbon monoxide alarms in your house? They beep loudly when the batteries need to be replaced.

  4. It's such mysteries that keep life interesting.

  5. My friend Dorito LOVES garden gnomes. She's even got a kit to make them herself. I'm going to have to show her this post!

  6. Love the gnomes. I think I saw the movie but really don't remember it that well. Guess I better watch it again.


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