Friday, 10 June 2011

I give up!

I was ripping some music from a cd yesterday and playing it at the same time, when all of a sudden the music became one big whine. The (big) computer had crashed! Of course it had been slow for ages now and I normally use this one, but there are things that I need to do from the other one, since my baby doesn't have a cd-drive.

So, with a virus, a burned out external hard drive and now a crashed computer, I will be going to the computershop next week and get myself a brand spanking new one! One with all the latest updates and things, one with all the portals and gates and what have you that I need, one that doesn't crash on me when I am ripping a cd and playing it at the same time.

PS: I should have known something was wrong, when the music sounded as if from a bad cd. All broken up and scratchy, when the cd's were fine really. The joy of the digital age...


  1. Don't remind me of computer problems! Last month while in Holland my laptop slipped of my lap and fell smack flat on one of those beautiful tiled floors many Dutch have these days.

    It started making horribly painful whining noises and that was the end of the hard drive.

    My nephew put in a new one, one of my brothers offered a legal operating system, another one had Word 2007. Now it more or less works except the operating system is not the ssame as what I had, and the Word is in Dutch (not a big problem as I speak the language,) and a lot of stuff now comes also up in Romanian because I am now living the confusing life in Moldova.

    I'm taking the thing back to the US in a few weeks and go to good old BestBuy and see if the Geek Squad can restore it to its former self.

    It's a fairly new computer or I'd toss it and buy a new one.

    Good luck getting what you want!

  2. Maybe you can meet all of your needs in a spiffy new laptop, and you wouldn't then require to fuss with two computers? Laptops are more expensive, but if you were to move ...

  3. are you sure it wasnt playing backwards trying to send you satanic messages? giggle

  4. Should I come to the funerals ?
    I am curious to see what you will buy. I didn't want to have a tower so I bought an e-machine, that's great everything is in the screen and it's a big one. Just what I need for my bloggings !

  5. You realize that if you buy a use-in-Europe computer, you will immediately get a job in Canada.
    So, go for it, girl, this might be a good thing! LOL
    Actually, it must be just awful for you, too much for one non-digital mind to absorb. There, there, poor Mara, and all those sympathetic noises.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Sorry about that but I am very excited for you to get a new one!!

  7. Oh gawd, if you are anything like me, you're in for some shopping-stress. The choices! And the information that doesn't make sense (to me at least) at all! Poor you. Good luck shopping for a new one ;-)

  8. We are about to lose our old PC It's pretty old and quite full. All the choices and bells and whistles will be a major hurdle for we non-tech gray hairs. Fortunately we have some good friends who will guide us.


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