Thursday, 23 June 2011


Photo taken in the Open Air Museum in Arnhem
So, those Iranians last weekend, what were they all about? Well, as someone said in one of the comments: they probably were refugees and that is correct. A few Iranians didn't think staying in Iran was good for their health and they left home, hearth and family behind to try and make a new life in Europe. They tend to end up in refugee camps where they are thrown in with people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Tunisia, China and whatever other country refugees come from.

After a while they start to be 'processed', basically: someone verifies the person and the story to come to a conclusion that a. they are genuine refugees and have the right to stay in the country they are in at that time or b. they are lying through their teeth and will be send back to the country of origin at the earliest possibility or c. anything in between. This process can last up to ten years! In which period the refugees are not allowed to work and can only go to school up to the age of 18 (in the Netherlands).

Of course many of the refugees would like to return 'home' to their families and friends, to their jobs and their own culture. But, in the case of Iran, sometimes the country they come from has not changed (enough) to allow for a smooth transition back home. The minute they step off the plane in Teheran (the Iranian capital), there is in many cases a serious threat of being arrested and ending up in jail for years!

Enter an Iranian charity that paid for the venue, the hotels, the buses and the food so all those Iranian people from all over Europe could come to Paris and meet and wave some flags and do whatever else they did.


  1. Oh, that's super that they could get together and talk. It must be a terribly lonely existence, being a refugee, unable to get a job, and I certainly wouldn't be in a hurry to go back to Iran to get shot, either.
    I'm proud of you for being a part of something that must have been of great emotional benefit to all those people. I know, it's just your job, but I feel it is of greater international importance than a whole herd of cute little soccer players.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Im not really sure what to say or even think of this. very interesting

  3. Okay. I'm glad you've explained. As I'm sure the Iranians were glad to meet fellow refugees and have a nice time together. Hooray for busdrivers who took them to Paris for the occasion ;-)

  4. They ran from Iran. Can't blame them for that.

  5. Wow, I am with Cry. I don't know why they would take them to Paris but it's a very interesting story.


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