Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Of teeth and money

It was time for my annual teeth inspection. Otherwise known as a visit to the dentist. Which went great. Until she came closer with that needle. And closer and closer. And then it didn't hurt. I did squeak however, but since I had told them I would, they were not that surprised. The teeth themselves were fine. It was just that one (of two) fillings was a bit loose and needed to be replaced. Which was what she did. I got out with a new filling, but a bit less money!

My next visit was to the bank. I had heard so many conflicting stories as to what was possible regarding buying a home for myself, I decided to get it straight from the horse's mouth. She was of course nowhere near horse-like, although I didn't hear her laugh...

Something like this would be nice!
Anyway, horse play aside, buying a home. It turns out that some of the things I had heard were true. I needed to have 15% own capital to be able to buy. The other 85% were then put up by the bank. We then proceeded to find out how much the house could be. After some adding and subtracting, taking the square root out of the carrot bowl (whatever happened to the circular root?) and a lot more calculating, she figured that I could buy a home for around 900.000 kroner. Provided I had the 15%. 

Which... I don't. I have 4%. Meaning I am only a teensy tiny bit short. There are a few options I could pursue though. Getting somebody else to co-sign. Putting up their house as collateral. Which for me is a no-go. If I can't do it, I am not getting somebody else to do it for me. Another option is to find a community that will actually loan me the 15%, a so-called top-loan. The community in which I live at the moment is not very top-loan friendly. There are however communities around here that are. A third option is to keep renting and to keep saving.

I will let you know what happens in due time.


  1. Wishing you the best in your house/money quest.

  2. Exciting to be looking into home purchase, an adventure a bit different than you normally do. However not at all surprising that you would want to have your own home. You will make it happen, I have no doubt.

  3. Crikey .... yes ..... something like that would be nice. Then Mum and I could come and live with you too, aye??

  4. Buying houses is supposed to be one of the most stressful times in our lives soooooo.......good job you've got Miss Oswin to stroke 'cos that's the bestest stress reliever evers!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Hari OM
    It's not the buying - it's the moving house that is one of the most stressful... but then again; that first-time purchase is high adrenaline thing, which does mean tiring. Now you've put the energy out there that you want to buy, I have no doubt the means and the method will turn up to help you along the way! Exciting... YAM xx

    1. Well, as you know, just moving house is a doddle! It's the moving country that is the stress through the roof bit!

      These were just tentative feelers to get a small idea about my possibilities. At least now I have some answers and a goal!

  6. Get your dentist to give you a load. :)

  7. Way to go on seeing the dentist. I keep putting that off which is not a good thing to do!!! Best of luck in your pursuit of buying a house at some point.

  8. A dentist can cost you a dining room !
    As I had no idea about crowns I did the conversion and found that 400.000 € for a house is very expensive depending on what you get for that. When we had our house built, we just had the ground as guarantee ! But now all has changed.


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