Saturday, 14 November 2015


Now, I was planning on writing every day in November. Or at least try to do so. And it went belly-up after only a week! What´s to become of me? Anyway, it´s not as if there was so much new happening. Although my not so nice year so far, has become a little less nice still. More about that when it is resolved, let me just say that some people are not as nice as they seem.

My new computer is working a treat. Apart from when I am googling and I get so much rubbish ads that I am quite peeved off at Google for allowing that. Fortunately I have been able to find what I have been looking every time, but to sift through the amount of ads that have nothing to do whatsoever with what I am looking for is annoying to say the least. 

My genealogy took a little step back. Not because I am not working on it anymore, I am, but because I had to delete more than ten generations. I had had my doubts as to whether one person was an ancestor, but thought that hey, it happened that men had children while they were very young as well. And then I started the research and found that he was 10. Which meant that his grandfather was no ancestor. Which in turn meant I lost a really nice story from my book. I have however found several others in the mean time. One about a woman who became a maid while well into her seventies and one who wasn´t born where I thought he was. 

A little something I made for my sister several years ago.
If you turn her upside down, it´s the dirty Cinderella.
As for the knitting? I promised myself to finish at least the other front half this past week and ... I haven´t. Sorry sis. But, I will get going today, as soon as I can tear myself away from this screen. Oh, and have put the laundry in the machine, taken a shower and done the dishes. 

Tonight is our annual Christmas dinner from work. It is set to become another great evening, even if I have to miss Strictly and the Doctor (I will record to watch when I get back). Next week is the second evening and I will go again, as a washing up elf. Now, where were my elf shoes??

Okay, time for shower, dishes and laundry. And then the knitting of course. After all, I only have a few more weeks to finish the whole thing. 


  1. Hari om
    Oh dear, seems there may have been some trying times for you. Hope it can resolve in quickstep... regarding the ads; Google is free to end user, but does have to make a living. A surprising number of folk actually like the marketing (same types who like commercaial telly and junk mail ... which AIN'T youand me!). However, there are a couple of things you can do about this. First is to go into your google account settings where there is an opt out box. Not 100% but not bad. The other is to obtain ADBlocker. Free plugin s/ware for Chrome browser... if using other browser, am sure there ars similar available.

    Sorry so brief on it...typing from android tablet zcreen and it is painful!!!

    Hope Sunday brings some cheer...YAM xx

  2. I kept getting so much ad/malware I purchased Iolo services. Most days better however still the occasional issue.

  3. I didn't know that you were so brutal to delete ten generations ! lol !

  4. I can't believe you are getting ads from Google. So sorry to hear about your research that went wrong. Hope you had fun at the party!

  5. I haven't really done any searching since my last failed attempt. I did, however, take the time to digitize some old birth certificates and death certificates.

  6. Sometimes I wonder why I blog every day in November. It's so time consuming! But you have blogged every day in other months, haven't you? Or close to it, anyway! I have a lot of dirty dishes on my counter that I really need to take care of, too.


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